Wednesday, 21 July 2010

GSS02 - No, 'tis not the Great Singapore Sale

15 July 2010 - Since my camera didn't have any battery during the 1st training, no pics for that one >.< But it was all charged up and ready for the second session mass training workshop for our shores ^_^ All this after an early morning spent at Terumbu Pempang Tengah! This is gonna be a photo-centric entry as it sure was a long day.....
P7150586 rapt audience from the left

Unlike earlier LeafMonkey Workshops, the aim's to reach out to more people in a session. So the usual menagerie suspects turned up early at the Singapore's Scouts Association HQ to set up registration desk, info desk, chairs, projector etc.
P7150569 reg table P7150572 getting the ppt up

Ria kindly brought down coffee table books for the early comers to browse, as well as extra Southern Shores guidesheets to give away.
P7150575 reference table P7150574 Southern Shores Guidesheet P7150580 lovely facilitators

For this second training session, we were lucky enough to have papaJeff introduce coral reefs to our would-be guides. But alas, there was way too much ground for him to cover in such a short session that he wasn't able to cover coral rubble as well! Glad to see that there were lots of related questions for him but we had to break into groups for the role-playing portion of the workshop.
P7150573 the talk begins

Based on feedback from the session, we decided to do something different this time round and sent one group down to the Programmes Room, and see if it really helped with noise control. Guess who's group was the lucky one? ;p
P7150591 breakout group 2

For this part of the session, participants are split into discussion groups tasked with different combinations of visitors and shorelife to talk about.
P7150597 breakout group 2 - HC

Armed with little factsheets and iPhone(s), as well as "free access" to facilitators, the groups pieced together their little mini-skits. It is good practice for preparing scripts when guiding at any shore. Know the facts about the wildlife that you'll be talking about, angling it....
P7150594 breakout group 2 - SP P7150593 breakout group 2 - HC

And once that was done, it was time to share with the others their little skits! We had some rather creative representations of our "die-die-sure-can-see" reef critters... Click on the photos to see what organisms were represented ^_^
P7150603 breakout group 2 presentations - SC
P7150599 breakout group 2 presentations - SP P7150609 breakout group 2 presentations - HC

Too bad I was already zoning out after the breakout session to take anymore photos.... Will try and remember for this week's session! ;p

And we also welcome SJ back from Trengganu ^_^ Our resident naturescouter has been busy running all over the globe, so it was good to have him back in SG. At least until October....

p/s. Next post to come up *should* be the TPT one!
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