Wednesday, 29 November 2006

just one more paper to go...

The past few weeks has seen me sitting alone in lab early in the morning... Just wanted to type a quick entry before settingoff for *yet* another dive at Pulau Satumu today. Do hope that the visibility would be as good as the last time ^^ Slight currents expected though

Somehow this sem's exam period doesn't feel *quite* like exam time to me.... So unmotivated to study... Have a nasty feeling that I am gonna end up with Bs for my Biophysical and Samurai modules, and can kiss my 2nd Upper goodbye~~~ Only left with Marine Biology next Tue but most of my days from now til then have stuff on. Today's dive would be to get more practise with coral ID-ing with urchin-mummy and our very own coral grandmaster!! And diving along with us would be this Canadian dude working on zooanthids at Kuroshio, Japan. He's gonna be giving a talk tomorrow on zooanthid phylogeny ^^

Really looking forward to the day ahead, especially I will be catching Happy Feet with some of the labbies ^^ Hee~~
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Wednesday, 22 November 2006

60 Years of Asian Heroes

Have yet to edit my first bunch of underwater photos nicely... Probably only get that done after my exams, especially since Youtube doesn't seem to wanna let me upload my video that I managed to take of a crinoid swimming *sigh*

In the meantime, came across this TIME article on 60 Years of Asian Heroes. Guess Singapore's sole claim to fame in this kind of articles would only be our very own Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew. Not surprisingly, some Nobel laureates also got dubbed "hero", such as Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi (Peace prize). The winner of this year's Nobel peace prize, Muhammad Yunus, also made it into the list. A number of Japanese also made it to the list, ranging from film directors and architects to business leaders and the creators of instant noodles and Nintendo. Real glad that Miyazaki Hayao made the cut *fangirl squeal* ^^ Here's the listing of the Japanese dudes (why no dudettes?!) who have been dubbed heroes by TIME magazine:

(1) Miyazaki Hayao (STUDIO GHIBLI)
(2) Kurosawa Akira (director of 'old school' samurai flicks)
(3) Tange Kenzo (postwar architect)
(4) Morita Akio & Ibuka Masaru (the people who gave us SONY)
(5) Ozawa Seiji (maestro)
(6) Ando Momofuku (where would we be without instant noodles?)
(7) Hanae Mori, Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake & Rei Kawakubo (designers)
(8) Miyamoto Shigeru (Nintendo)
(9) Oh Sadaharu (baseball)

So that's the current affairs update for now... Gotta hit the books again!!
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Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Last week of semester!?

CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP!!!! It's the last week of lessons already!!! Aaargh!!!!!!! Need to organise notes and MUGMUGMUG!!! Please excuse me...Just needed a little rant-it-all-out therapeutic session before I take the plunge and finish up my samurai term paper.... It's worth 30%, and I have absolutely NO motivation whatsoever to do it properly. Guess I can kiss my 2nd Upper goodbye, and really sit down and think about whether I wanna continue with reef restoration research in Singapore (as opposed to running off to Australia/Okinawa/California to work on crinoids ot whalesharks). Can see why Wai has so much trouble sorting out options. Haha... Still have one semester and my thesis to go though. The good thing about staying with NUS (besides having funding for reef restoration stuff and TA-ship), assuming that they wanna keep me, is that there's also SPS mentoring (that would take up a chunk of my time but gets me paid)... Downside is that Prof would be away teaching in USA during my first semester of post-graduateness (if I stay on and do Master's immediately that is) Too many "ifs" floating around me head now.... Really need to concentrate on the "now" and get through this semester with minimal injuries!!!

EDIT: Before I forget again, saw my first cuttlefish in Singapore waters while diving near the breakwaters at SJI yesterday!!! Pity the crapped up vis but it was still pretty amazing!!!
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Thursday, 9 November 2006

CNA provided a source of amusement and worry....

This article and video provided some source of worry in lab yesterday. (Other than the fact that none of us in lab followed the news over the weekend that is...)

The first thing that came to everybody's mind when we read/heard "We used to find a lot of construction materials, long poles, metal bars and rods." was there goes all over experimental racks!! Especially when the video showed them bringing up the some nets, AND OUR LOOSE ANGLE IRONS!!! Prof was chiding us for like having all sorts of structures all over our severely stressed reefs, and that we sould expect this kind of stuff to happen. Oh well. The good thing to note is that: (1) the navy dude used PAST TENSE when he mentioned the metal bars and stuff, probably meaning that they didn't take up many on Sat, (2) they seem to be collecting the unsecured loose bits around, (3) Singapore visibility would probably have prevented them from finding ALL our racks, and (4) personally I highly doubt if they brought lift bags and stuff to bring up the many many heavy structures we have (though them being the navy may mean they DON'T need them) and the POC/urchin-mama thinks that they should have enough sense to leave what seems to be experiments in process alone (but then to most people, those structures would just look like some weird stuff in the sea!!). We would find out after POC/urchin-mama and faviid go there today. *darn* If only I did not have this last assignment to do... would love to go and see what Hantu is like now...

Experimental gripes aside, it IS rather heartening that other fellow Singaporean divers are trying to make a difference/raise awareness of the plight of our local seas by doing this kind of clean-ups once in a while. Good job to those 70 of you!! (though we would like that our racks are left alone ^^) Hantu IS one of the very few places left in Singapore that recreational divers go to for their courses and stuff, and braving the silty waters in a clean-up attempt is really good of them but what about the trash on all our other reefs?
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Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Thanks Abby~~~

Sir David Attenborough was in Singapore to film some parts of "Life in Cold Blood" at Sungei Buloh. recently!!! *goes into fangirl mode* Didn't get the chance to meet him in person, though Wai and Abby did. Some photos and stuff on Wai's blog, HERE. Anyways, Abby was nice enough to make this photo of us mucking around in the mangroves with Sir Attenborough ^^

Definitely makes up for not being able to meet him... Should make good use of my Kinokuniya membership card and grab "Life on Air" or the Blue Planet book one of theses days....
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