Monday, 31 January 2005

LSM3251 - Labrador Park Fieldtrip

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eco fieldtrips are fun!! not the usual prac that u had to follow a std procedure or anything... wat er did was basically go and look-see, look-see, then decide on what trend we wanted to test out (using a hypothesis that we came up with based on our observations) it was a shame that the tide was high, or else the rocky beach would have been really interesting.... guess wat we ended up doing....

spiders!!! pretty interesting since the lecturer is from the spider lab ^^ out of the 5 practical groups there were at least 3 groups doing something regarding those cool spiders at lab park (ther was one group doing something about ants tho') our group decided to relate web-size with type of habitat (open vs. enclosed) my sub-group was to do enclosed, meaning in the forest area, so we trooped up the hill and had a fun spider spotting amidst the greenery... leonard and i went trigger happy at the same time, taking photos of nature... that's leonard below taking a photo at one of the spiders we traumatised ^^ kinda bad enough that we were disturbing their webs by taking measurements, and we JUST had to take photos of there once in a while too!
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since i kinda just borrowed a very basic digicam from wai, the 10 over pics i took of spiders and insects were mainly out of focus... that's a real pity since the weather was fab and the insects were all nicely posing for us! kinda sad that the photo of the 6-legged spider (i am pretty sure it is a wounded spider since it had like 4 legs on one side and 2 on the other..) didn't turn out... besides, leonard and i were very fascinated by this nice LONG, succulent earthworm we saw (kristal i do hope u are NOT reading this!) it was just so gorgeous! anyway, only ONE of the "creatures" photos that i took came out a little decent... see if u can spot Mr Nephila antipodiana, with the spotted abdomen in the photo below... (yeah yeah, i KNOW i am not one of the best photographers, but.... anyway, watson said i cld borrow his spare digicam, so i do hope the photos from the next fieldtrip to sungei buloh wld turn out better)
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well... all i have to do now is to do the report that is dued on wed.... (why is it that we have less than a week to do it?!?)

p/s. was at JEC for lunch on sunday, and there was a howl's moving castle poster!!!! it opens in singapore on 24 feb ^^ yay!! can go watch another film directed by Miyazaki Hayao sensei! Bansai!
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Thursday, 27 January 2005

This is simply amazing!!! ^^

Just came from ST2238 (Introductory Biostatistics) lecture, and I am just so amazed and encouraged that my lecturer (Andy Chiang; can't remember if he is PhD or just Prof.... prob Dr. tho') actually invited the entire lecture group to the ALPHA course dinner his church is organising!! And wat's more amazing is that he goes to is St John-St Margaret's Church, my previous church! What a small world ^^

So far lecturers (mainly my life science ones) have only been taking obtuse jibes at Christianity and the whole idea of creationalism, and other lecturers have advertised for CCAs activities. ANd I think it is really encouraging to the Christians (or at least me) that he was so ready to invite us students for the ALPHA course dinner. Really shld try to have more faith in how the Lord wld move and just take a bold step in sharing. Just like how my lecturer has. Got to go home soon since I still need to go print tmr's lecture notes and prepare for the field trip to Labrador Park (which the next blog entry wld prob be abt)

Jya ne~ =^-^=
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Thursday, 20 January 2005

*finally* a fixed timetable ^^

finally after all the appeals and running ard for registration of modules, i finally have a fixed (but really messed up) timetable.... oh well... at least i got all my modules ^^ thu is like my super exercise day... 12nn to 8pm str lessons.... 12-2: jap tut (in arts), 2-4: stats GEM (in science), 4-6: jap lecture (in arts *again*), 6-8: stats lect (in science *again*) the worst part is that i can't go for crusade LM :( since it's like on thu 6-8.... and st2238 is one of my core modules... guess i can only join in AFTER... which means i shld head over once i finish typing this in ^^ (gonna collect me gen12ii shirt too!)

oh well.... that kinda ends this wk, since i dunno if i can post from home since the dial-up from my lappie is wonky... shall head over to lt29 now ^^ so ta ta for now, stay tuned for more comprehensive gibberish *hopefully* from me some time soon!

p/s. is it me or has everybody kinda stopped updating blogs for quite a while?
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Tuesday, 18 January 2005

よかった!!! =^-^=

so happy!! for various reasons that appear below (each in one paragraph)

appeal for taking japanese 3 got through, and i still have more than 200 points left in my general account! 幸せ! and all this was done in time for the tutorial registrations ^^ now i gotta wait (and pray) that i get all my 1st choices, or else my timetable sure is gonna be messed up... heehee...

also went for a workshop on conversational evangelism (organised by SCCC) on saturday by dave geisler from meekness and truth ministries. really useful in teaching the 100 odd of us how to evangelise through even simple conversations with people around us. do hope i can put what i have learnt into practise!

managed to find a nice theme for my firefox browser, and foudn some really nice themes/skins for my windows too!! so now i have a mac-ish kinda look at the moment, as shown in the thumbnail below (well... i might as well post it here since i did a screencap for the KAA forum thread)

last thing that i am happy about is my recent doodling have turned into pretty decent sketches that i post under the doujinshi section of minitokyo (u can click on the link on the right to get to my userpage, they are in the gallery) so nice that there is a community that i can share these drawings with ^-^

managed to start clearing some of the junk in the drawers of my table, and i am so amazed at how much crap i actually kept... all the u-weekly and i-weekly... started clearing them out, so felling a little accomplished at the moment ^^

guess that's all the updating i'll do for now... going to scan and upload some more of the sketches. じゃね!!
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Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Bidding blues....

feeling so stupid and cheated... actually got outbidded in round 2c for jap 3 since i thot that i was already safely within the range, but apparently everybody decided to "show hand" during the close bidding and i *just* got outbidded... then 3a yesterday was like 7 pple fighting for 1 slot... and i def DON'T have enought points for those kinda conditions, and now there are like no places left *sigh* shall email Chiba sensei and see if it is possible for me to be squeezed into the class (as unlikely as i think this is gonna happen)... worst case scenario is that i buy the text and just kinda self-study and take jap 3 next sem instead (hoping that i won't forget anything...) depressing, ain't it?

it's the 2nd day of lessons and i have had 2 lectures, nothing really heavy yet.. but the stats gem was a little mind boggling, esp since i barely recall most of me stats at the moment. the video (under another sun) that we watched this morning during japan and singapore was really interesting =^-^= did learn some interesting things about relations between singapore and japan. do think i'll enjoy this module!

okie, think i have betta get down to printing notes for st2238 tmr, as well as the IR readings for ssa2205... jya ne!

p/s. yes, i am a really lazy typer, thus the lack of proper caps blah blah blah....
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Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Clearing of Junk - Part II

Aargh!!! My room is still not packed!!! And lectures start next week.... *sigh* Managed to pack away last sem's stuff last nite tho' ^-^ Need to do quite a bit of packing of my books too... everything is like everywhere, and totally NOT organised.... really hafta do this. Made a promise to the Lord that I would be more consistent with my studies and commitments, so I really need to get rid of the clutter and sort out things.... *feel so guilty*

anyway, on the tsunami disaster, our ym has a condolence page (see link on right) Really pray that the rain would let up some what, so that the aid and search and rescue people can get access to the most devastated areas. I nearly cried when I saw the before and after satellite pics of acheh, indonesia... everything destroyed by the waves... really think that all the affected areas would need loads of long term aid. It really is time for all of us to make a diff in this world

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