Saturday, 31 December 2005

Last day of the year....

It's the last day of the year again... Where did my 2005 fly off to?!?

Spent most of my day watching Hallmark's "The 10th Kingdom", and it has been really interesting ^^ Nice little re-visit to the Grimm brothers' world of fairy tales.... Can't help but admire what nice calves Kimberly Williams (Virginia Lewis) has... Nice mix of a great sense of humour and a whollop of twists... Hallmark does make such nice mini-series... The next one that I would get is probably gonna be "Dinotopia", and I would REALLY love to have the 2 books written by James Gurney. The artwork is fabulous and detailed, and the style of writing the story as if some old manuscript/diary was found in a hidden corner of a large library is really appealing to me ^^ Semester starting, and with my combination of modules, can't afford to slack too much, so I guess my show/anime watching time would need to be grossly cut down... Still have "Band of Brothers" and a couple of other Japanese movies that I bought but not yet watched... Just one more week of holidays left.... Need to get back to finishing up my scrapbook and trying to pack my room, so...

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Friday, 30 December 2005

And here come the rants....

Guess the times that I post really long posts are, more often than not, rants... and this entry is gonna be abt the past 2 days, kinda in chronological order...

-St John's Island-
Went to collect the week06 batch of blocks with Wai yesterday. Met Danwei at the lab as well, so the 3 of us went to catch the ferry in Danwei's mom's car ^^ Other than the fact that Juan here only got 2.5 hours of sleep, going to NUS early in the morning was nice and peaceful... The ferry ride was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that I had my dose of seaspray and some sun after 2 weeks of being nicely bundled up, and the wonderful sight of Singapore's rather crowded seas again... The morning started out pretty nicely... Great sun, great breeze... However, Wai forgot to take weights from the dive store, so we kinda wasted a little time waiting for Danwei to come down some... This meant that we missed the 12nn TMSI ferry back, so had to catch the 14.45h Sentosa-Kusu-St John's ferry... This wasn't too bad, esp since we were also helping Danwei move his clams out onto the reef just off the breakwaters... Being the only diver, was scampering up and down the breakwater carrying giant clams of varying sizes (and weights), all the while feeling more like a mountain goat than a human... Definitely did my fair share or exercise yesterday... Had lunch, swabbed my samples, went to the jetty and slept for like 30 min on the benches since we were abt an hour early for the ferry... Boy, I really could get used to some regular island living... if not for the fact that I am still a student... Then we caught the ferry...

Here's when the day started turning crummy... The ferry ride was really long... an hour plus, since we had to stop at Kusu for a while, plus the seats weren't very comfy, making sleeping really awkward... Then there was the part that we were kinda heading 'into' the rain... Meaning that it was raining pretty badly in Singapore... Reached Sentosa, thankfully the ticket prices were still 9 bucks per person, and not the 11 bucks that Wai thought they were... With all the stuff that we were carrying, catching a cab from the ferry terminal was the best choice, so off to the taxi pickup point we went... Were overjoyed when we saw a can already there... It was a limousine one and the cabbie said he didn't wanna take us... prob the sight of us w all our 'barang' and looking very un-tourist-like in tee and shorts (snobbish bugger) Neither of us took down the can number, so no official complaint... Anyways, it being an official taxi stand, there was a location code to call when we dialed a cab, did that and cab 7408U was to arrive in 5-8 min.... 3 min later, our cabbie called saying he was at the taxi stand and he couldn't find us... On the other hand, the two of us couldn't see him at all, and he wasn't being helpful at all by going on and on and on about how cars CANNOT drive in... Aargh... we were at the taxi-pickup point next to the ferry terminal bus stop so vehicles CAN come in... Tried to tell him that, and told him to follow the signs over but he still didn't appear after another 10 min or so, thus we tried our luck again... And Wai realises that her hp is wonky... No sound at all, so she calls on my phone, this time using the operator instead of the areacode thing, and we got another cab... Same thing kinda happened since he also called... But at least this time around he had enough sense to figure out that he might be on the wrong side of the ferry terminal and he actually came over to look for us, instead of looping ard that same wrong side of the terminal (which is what I suspect the first cabbie of doing) WAsted quite a bit of time with thie cab escapade of ours, and we were both feeling kinda cranky...

Reached NUS ard 17.30h (I think)... Unloaded stuff, washed down gear etc. Went to check mail and CORS, and suddenly realised that we couldn't bid for our LSM42xxs since we are technically still in Year 3, so off go 2 emails to LSOC... Which leads on to today...

-CORS woes-
Went to NUS to hand in my form for payment as a junior mentor, as well as to check up on the appeals situation... Doesn't help that the LSOC pple send short replies that do not directly answer concerns clearly... Meaning a series of frustrating emails and a quick visit downstairs when Wai arrived... Seems like the ruling makes it impossible for me to "swap" my Year 3 Semester 2 and Year 4 Semester 1 around since I need to finish ALL my LSM32xxs BEFORE I can start on my honours project, and in order to graduate with honours, I need to graduate within 8 semesters... Kinda meaning that I 'die die' have to take a Biology concentration Level 3000 this semester... Doesn't help that almost all of them are exclusively available in Semester 1... Good thing was that my UROPS can cover 4MCs, meaning I had to squeeze one more module out, thus Comparative Animal Physiology HAS to be in my timetable... This sudden change in planning just meant that taking Marine Biology and Tropical Conservation Biology are out of the picture due to timetable clashes... Taking Japanese 5, Behavioural Biology and Comparative Animal Physiology, as well as Medical Microbiology messes my timetable up pretty badly... Not only am I totally unable to go for any TC classes, I also cannot do my collections on Thursdays... So the idea of taking Medical Microbiology is out of the window... Think it would be a rather interesting module to take but since I got a B- for Microbiology, it prob would turn out to be another CAP-puller-downer... With such, out of the other LSM42xxs that I could take, Tumour Biology turns out tobe the best choice... Catch is, it sounds really overwhelming, tho' on the bright side, I alreadyhave the textbook, meaning that wouldn't need to buy a text that I may not ever use again, plus Desmond is probably taking it as well, so I would still have company during class... However, them being classified as honours modules and me being a Year 3 who is not starting on honours yet, I can only appeal to have the in Round 2, meaning I may just be squeezed out of the class... Need to keep my fingers crossed til like Wednesday, and must remember to hand in the form to LSOC on Tuesday morning so that they can process my stuff and add the modules...

Whole thing was really frustrating, and Ifty and Linus were seeing how stressed I was getting re-working everything out... Sorry guys... Was a little intense for a while... Think I tear a little too easily; when I get real frustrated with how helpless I am in a situation I just tear real quickly... turn from pissed to teary pretty fast... Oh well, good thing the next thing I had was Narnia ^^ Made me feel so much better afterwards!

Alreay met Linus in NUS, so we headed over to Lot 1 together... Am on bus pass, so we took bus... Linus wasn't, but he still gamely led the way there. 'Old friends' are still the nicest ones to have around... But then again, the twins are always some of the nicest friends to have around ^^ Met up Harti and Joseph, and the 4 of us went to catch 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' after failing to watch it on Tues, making it my 2nd movie this week... Good seeing Joseph again after all this time, and he was nice enough to give me a Cornell shot glass ^^ Haven't seen Harti for years, tho' I wonder if she really remembers me from RJ... Other than being a truly decent adaptation of the book written by C.S. Lewis, it also gave me a number of reminders regarding my own life, as well as walk with God. Not a fab adaptation but nicely done, and it did help that the actor for Peter was rather cute ^^ Know the story more than inside out and it still strikes a chord... However, one thing I didn't really like was that the wolves and white tigers and polar bears were all on the witch's side... They are such nice animals that I like!! Hmph... Tho' the use of a phoenix to create a firewall against the witch's army was ingenious ^^ Nice person touch to this version of the book. Tho' why did the witch have to do her hair and dress/fluff in such a way that really resembles a lion's mane?!? Wait a min, or was that all from Aslan when she had him shaved?

The part about the witch's claim on all traitors, and hence Edmund, really struck a chord... Sinners that comeback are loved just as much, Jesus died in our stead... How on earth did I manage to stray so far from Him?!? Cried when Aslan went to the stone table... Knew what was gonna happen but the tears just came trickling down as images of Christ's crucifixion in 'The Passion of Christ' just appeared in my mind.... He died for us. For me. In my place for all the crap that I have ever done and might do...

-getting back on track-
Backsliding is not fun at all.... Just like on any hill/slope, going down is easy but heading back up is a crapload of work... Been kinda slipping/sliding/skidding down my own slippery road the past 6 months or so, and I feel like I need a road to help pull me up again.... Found a link to this useful online version of a RBC Discovery Series booklet "The Way Back" from today's OBD entry. Really thankful for finding it since I don't quite know where to start (other than admitting this weakness of mine to God) in the hard climb back again. ^^ Must remember the 3 Rs that I have learnt... Remember, Repent, Renew.... Really need to get back in shape... both spiritually, as well as physically. Finally gonna go back to church on New Year's Day ^^ Really must make an effort to wake up early enough... Lord, this little lostsheep is coming home~~
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I am such a sucker for quizzes...

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Tuesday, 27 December 2005

All Muddled Up...

Narnia is just TOO popular.... Went to PS today, with the intentions of watching it but it was soldout all the way til the 6pm show (which was only left w the first 3 rows).... So went to watch King Kong instead.... Peter Jackson directed, Naomi Watts and Andrien Brody starred, and Andy Serkis was the man in the suit again!! This time as King Kong of those beautifully gorgeous golden eyes~~ *melts* If anything, Kong KNOWS how to get great views of the scenery... Both in the natural jungle and in the concrete jungle that New York is/was.... Plus had some serious discussion, that has resulted in my slightly muddled state of mind....

Juan really needs to spend time doing some thinking by herself... Feel like a boat with a spoilt compass and dislocated rudder, just set adrift in the open sea... Been backsliding too long... How on earth did I get here... No aim, no focus, lost.... Need to get back to my first love, God... Boy, oh boy.... Timing cannot be any better... Walt called to update me a little abt the 40DOP that AMC is gonna embark on, and there are no such things as coincidences when it comes to God and His timing...

First things first.... Need to REALLY sort out my walk... The at-the-moment-non-existent walk.... Then prob my room and the kinda-sticky situation I am in now.... And CORS bidding starts proper on 29th.... And to top it all off, my bag has somehow managed to swallow my stick eraser and my thumbdrive... Meaning it's prob time for me to go back to my backpack.... Hope to find them soon.....

28 Dec, 11am, EDIT: And they turn up on my chair in lab.... PHEW
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Thursday, 22 December 2005

Back to online quizzes ^^

I'm exceptionally artistic!

Virtues: You look for immense creativity and individuality in people, including yourself. You're not happy with anything less than brilliant, and you focus on being expressive. You value energy, liveliness, and upbeat personalities, but you're not supportive of moodiness when you yourself can be unreliably moody. Seeking activity, you like the bustle of business but need the secluded atmosphere of a studio or private corner.

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Quirks: Conformists bother you because of their lack of individuality. You're often late or unreliable. You're showy and refuse to share the spotlight. You only tell little white lies. You worm your way into the hearts of others, but be careful; some people despise the show-offs.

Factors: Surround yourself with activity and you'll always have material to work with. Involve friends and family in your projects so they don't feel like envious outsiders.

Future: Show business or not, you'll settle down happily if you're among those who appreciate your natural talents and desire to perform. Don't stay in one place too long, and don't be too hasty in defining your relationships. Who are you to judge what only time will tell?

Find your soul type



Class: Archangel
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Your Angelic Name: Raphael

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Okies... back in nice warm sunny SG... actually been back since Tues evening, but been unpacking and sorting stuff, and getting used to perspiring and stuff... Now mainly sorting thru photos, mine are kinda done (except for some that I UL to Chin Siang's laptop and del from my comp), now grabbing photos off others....

2 movies I wanna watch: (1) NARNIA - the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, and (2) the Promise.... Any interested parties who haf yet to watch these, pls contact me ASAP! Thanks!!
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Saturday, 10 December 2005

今広島の星が丘にいる ^^

Hehz... Was checking email for a bit just now, so a quick update ^^ Quite difficult typing with a Japanese keyboard... So many extra buttons to use... Guess there goes the idea of getting an iBook in Japan.... Anyways, am using my host family's comp at the moment, and I really haf got to keep this short since I am getting pretty cold again *bleah* Quite amazing staying halfway up an actual mountain... Far from the main Hiroshima city area but great scenery and stuff (like seeing random patches of snow, and getting half frozen when I step out of the house in the morning...), so I kinda get to experience the best of both sides ^^ Doubt I can post anything while I am in Osaka since none of the 8 of us brought our laptops. Might try again before we leave Hiroshima.... Takes a bit to get used to the transportation (like when u get up on the bus, u enter by the rear and exit by the front, and their transportation is SUPER on time... not like SG's that the predicted arrival time is ALWAYS wrong....) and traffic lights here, but other than that, it really seems to be pretty similar to life back in Singapore except with more land and a diff language.... That shld be all for now, prob more stuff (including some photos) when I get back!! ^^
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Thursday, 1 December 2005

Week 02 Biofilm...

First day of December of 2005, and today was my last trip to St John's Island before I head off to Japan next week ^^ (those licky pple going for the Summer Exchange thingie to Sydney wld be leaving on Sat morning, meaning I ain't gonna see them til mid-Jan).... Since Jani left last nite (and coming back for like 3 days while I am away, meaning I won't see her for at least a month...), and Wai had plant physio this morning, Oozie and Caleb helped collect the blocks from the reef... They also went to check on the structure that was re-built during reading week, and it collapsed AGAIN..... Oh well, guess another re-contstruction effort needs to be organised soon ^^ The sea was pretty chopy when we left the Yacht Club, and the seaspray was unbelievably strong.... Was getting pretty wet before we even reach the divespot at SJI.... Then when we got there, the boatman promptly informed us that the anchor was spoilt, and since it was so choppy AND with the heavy rain rapidly heading in our direction, we had to wait it out on Mudskipper for at least 20min or so.... During this explanation, this HUGE wave just crashed against the leftside of the boat, and EVERYBODY got real wet. Wish I cld have caught Oozie's expression... But then again, since my camera ain't water-proof, it was a gd thing that I din't bring it ^^ First ride on Mudskipper w/o Jani, and the weather was weird... The choppy sea did make it really conducive for sleeping ^^ Good thing that there were only 3 of us (other than the boatmen), so we cld all kinda lie down and nap....

Rain moved on pretty fast, and the 2 of them went down to get my trays as well as check on the structure... Then on to TMSI to collect the blocks in the tanks (that were by now real icky and full of slimy algae (Wai is prob gonna get a heyday when she helps collect my blocks in 2 weeks' time ^^) Was like playing treasure hunt trying to find the 20 correct blocks in a tank containing 100 of them, well at least at first since I missed some of the blocks due to all the algae.... Really can't imagine how the tanks wld look like after 10 weeks.... The ones from the reef appeared to have more silt deposit than biofilm on them but I shall find out properly when I do the DNA extraction after I get back.... Got Oozie and Caleb to help in the swabbing of the blocks, and guess the only confusing part was probably my labelling system *lol* Thanks guys, you two were a great help today!! Everything is stored in the freezer now.... Not looking forward to doing tonnes of DNA extraction when I get back... Hope that Jani has already settled ordering of the chemicals through the Environmental Science lab @ engine...

Think I better head home soon and work out what I need to buy for the trip, as well as list out what I wanna buy ON the trip ^^ Need to remember to change money by Mon...
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