Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Launch of IYOR in Singapore!!

Whoppee! Singapore's finally gonna officially launch the International Year of the Reef, and on our National Day (9th Aug) too!
And guess what, Singapore's very own coral nursery would also have a display area as well ^^ Mainly gonna be a slight update based on our ADEX exhibition booth earlier in April this year.
IMG_0060 coral nursery booth IMG_0061 coral nursery booth
Don't worry, it's not going to be just a 2D display of poster panels, there's also gonna be some things for visitors to look at and touch for themselves! ^^ So do come down and join us at the Singapore Botanic Garden's Botany Centre (just above the Taman Serasi foodcourt)on National Day! Hope to see you guys there! Ria has done up a nice summary of the day's events and activities here @ the IYOR-Singapore blog ( There's gonna be talks, children's activities, sharing our shore (and marine!) stories, star adoptions, and so on.
IMG_0898 possibly a yellow Pentaceraster IMG_0871 IMG_0902 possibly a yellow Pentaceraster IMG_1291 Protoreaster nodosus cakestar_KS IMG_4093 cushion star IMG_0971 juan_knobbly IMG_0877 cakestar_july IMG_0894 possibly a yellow Pentaceraster IMG_1261 Protoreaster nodosus IMG_0928 peiya_knobbly IMG_0926 IMG_0941 KS n his stars IMG_0991 Protoreaster nodosus IMG_3973 4-armed icon seastar IMG_0877 IMG_1255 Protoreaster nodosus
So why not make this 43th National Day a special one and join us as we bring out shore life to SBG? =^-^=
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Friday, 18 July 2008

What Fish Are You?

I'm juanicths and
I'm a Swordfish.
"juanicths, based on the results of the quiz, the fish you're closest to is a Swordfish!

You are a large and powerful migratory fish that can be found in oceanic regions worldwide, including the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. You are cold blooded and have special organs next to your eyes that warm your brain and eyes to improve your vision. You are often identified by your sword, a long flat bill that helps you swim faster, hunt for food, and defend yourself. You can weigh as much as 1400lbs, eat mostly squid, fish, and crustaceans and use your sword-like bill by stunning your prey. You prefer to swim and hunt alone.

You were once a very popular restaurant entrée, served at restaurants around the world. While chefs, supermarkets and people have agreed to not eat as many swordfish, you still face overfishing in many parts of the world. It is also difficult to track and manage your population because you tend to swim across international borders."

divejunkie here's supposed to be the fish of the SG nature bloggers/lovers menagerie but I never did figure out what fish I am supposed to be. Oh well, this WWF quiz puts me as a swordfish ^_^ Sadly not seen in SG....
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