Monday, 10 July 2006

yesh... i haven't been updating~~~

okies.... this marks the return of my life as a blogger... *gosh!! haven't blogged for a MONTH* main reason why I haven't been updating is that I have no idea where to start organising my 1gig+++ worth of photos that I took in Japan... Most of them being scenery or flowers, then there's Dayang (and I only managed to get photos off Mark.....) So, updates on wat has been happening since my last post..... Going backwards from today...

1) 1st BWV AGM as a registered organisation!!! Have no idea why I went for the AGM (other than the email that MS sent to tell the ReefWalkers abt it...) Everybody seemed to know everybody else lor... But it was a gd way to meet the other pple (not from lab) that are involved... Plus got a lift all the way home!! Thanks DW!!! So now we haf Zee and Abby as our chair and vice respectively, and they are both busy with finishing up their theses ^^

2) started on the field studies mod last wed, heading out to Tioman on Monday (17 July) ^^ We actually have a free day on Sat, and I do hope the weather holds up and I can go dive (and get more prac on my buoyancy~~) This just means that I haf gotta go change more money to dive... Can't wait to save up and get my own equip, man~~ The lectures have been quite rushed, and I just hope that I can rush out our 2 indiv reports by 04 Aug... Need to start reading up on stats as well... Need to do some basic stats for our reports, and I DEFINITELY need to quite a bit for my hons that I wld start work on when I get back from Tioman....

3) finally went for basic openwater!! *jumps for joy* did our 5 dives at Dayang 30Jun-02Jul.. photos would be up once I bug the rest from Belle and HX... the trip was a whole bunch of fun thanks to HX, Belle, Yanmei, K-yang, Isaac, Dan, ZF, as well as the instructors and DMs from Absolute (Martin, Mark, Pris, Yao...) Great pple, and all the pple staying at the resort gathering to watch World Cup on Sat too~~ Funny how everybody seems to be at Dayang at the same time. Weidi was there w another diveshop, Andrew was doing advance, even Gill's Jacki was ard.... To my OW group, "Peeps! Thanks for the great fun, and it's time to start saving for advance~~~"

Not many underwater photos since Mark only brought his digicam dn for the last leisure dive...


Juan is finally diving!!! (With Pris just below, a demo of our multi-layered diving ^^)

Quick demo on mask clearing ^^

Bumphead parrotfish (aka reef luohan) with 2 other smaller fishies...

One of the turtles that we saw on just abt EVERY dive (except for the first one that is)

4) The internship w JTB was a blast!! 3 weeks of doing all sort of paperwork, booking of tour groups, plane flights, train tix, packing of goodie bags.... it has been a real great experience.... just too much for me to say everything here, so I guess it would hafta wait til I put the photos up on my yahoo albums, and add my comments in the captions ^^ and there was also the drastic change in hairstyle btwn Japan and Dayang.... hee~~

And coming up, there's Youth Sunday on this Sunday!! In the choir again, but Min's solo is absolutely gorgeous~~~

p/s. reminder to self. must try and blog in PROPER english. The rate I am going, my english is just gonna go down the drain and I can just forget about JET altogether~~~ *whines* And just for the fun of it, this is how much my blog seems to be worth at the moment, in spite of me NOT having any ads or anything... Maybe I should just put some up and get my blog to earn soe money for me *ponders* Should go bug Watson and Walt on how to go about doing something about it...

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

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