Friday, 16 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Too many things happening one after another, thus the neglected blog.... Finished all my ReefFriends training dives (now for OJT-ing), first draft for my thesis intro has been submitted and shot down by Prof, application for the MBARI summer internship has been sent, preparing for the last round of spawning from my POC *keeps fingers crossed* The visibility in Singapore has definitely gotten better and I promise to have new photos in my Yahoo albums by the end of next week. Will also try and solve the problem with my Youtube account that some how compresses ALL my videos to like 4 seconds worth of footage :(

Really need to increase my productivity rate since our mid-semester break is half eaten up by the CNY celebrations/holidays, and there's my AOW and the Hantu bloggers anniversary dives in Mar. Not to mention whipping my thesis into shape and finishing our tropical conservation project by the end of Mar as well. Would get to know the results of my summer internship application by mid-Mar, so there's that to stress over. After finding out that there's another summer field studies thing that I also wanna go for, I don't know if I would be happy if I get to go California. Nowhere near completing the exploration of SEA diversity and stuff!! *How?* For all my ranting, might not even get into either summer prog since they only have like 10 vacancies each... Oh well, if you see me with like no hair in April, you'll nknow why. ^^

Anyways, here's wishing everybody a happy (and relaxing) Chinese New Year and mid-semester break as we usher in the year of the pig!!! Also to good weather on the 19th for our ReefWalk at Kusu ^^ SO nervous. First time guiding!!


hoihoi said...

hey... long time no see.. when did you change your blog skin? this one looks neat... but not cute anymore.... ^___^ ha... really haven't seen you for a long time... when you are less busy ne?
cheers, hoi nam. (happy cny!)

juanhui said...

lol... can't be cute all the time la... changed it at the start of the year though if I can figure out iframes coding properly by my blog anniversary, then may change to an anime theme one again ^^