Monday, 28 May 2007

And back~~

Finally feel recharged. Been feeling drained since writing of thesis. 7-days in the outdoors doing various things sure has re-energized me! Hee~~ Nopes, no photos (at least not yet) since there's tonnes of stuff I need to un-backlog before it's off to Seremban for church camp ^^ Can't believe there was a black tip reef shark spotting off Semakau while I was away in Tioman last week!!! Wish I was there...

The RF survey on the 19th was draining yet fun. Draining due to currents at particular spots at certain timings of the day, then there was the genera ID-ing to be done. Need to go through those photos again before I send the data off to papajeff... BUT I also managed to catch a video of a seahare swimming!! It was just dancing/swimming/hovering right in front of me while we were descending for the 2nd dive~~~ Also marked the first time I saw whip gobies in Singapore!!! Three of them some more!!! And there was also the weird splotchy Bohaschia sea cucumber!!!

The next day we had our early morning ReefWalk at Kusu. Quite a lot of interesting things spotted, and I can't believe I actually managed to catch a mooncrab! More luck than anything else ^^ The group I was leading included some rather eagle-eyed individuals since they spotted a solefish (note to self: grab photo from MS) Last RW with woceht as well... at least for quite a while.

Then it was off to Tioman for EFT. Seriously need a crashcourse in how to jaga kids, as well as the terrestrial stuff. *groans* Came back feeling inept yet inspired.
Okies. Back to work and clearing backlogs....

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peizee said...

what?! black tip!!!!!!!! sobz sobz.. hahaha