Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Dolphins in Singapore!!!

Back to work dives with the lab. Today was supposed
to be spent helping the Honors kids get fragments and recruits for their experiments. You can see how excited SY was at the start of the day...

Of course, at ard 12:15h we did indeed find something REALLY EXCITING!!! Indo-pacific humpback/Chinese white dolphins! (also know locally as pink dolphins) Not just a few but an entire family group of possibly 10 or so near the linkage between St John's Island and Lazarus. There were the smaller, grey juveniles as well as the larger almost white-pinkish adults. So cool!! My first dolphin sighting in Singapore!! Enough said, here are the photos and videos that Marco and I took ^^

The photos can only be described as a gallery of random dolphin body parts, but amazingly enough, Marco managed to take shots of just about every part of the dolphins!! Dude, you rock!!

And of course, if a picture paints a thousand words, videos portray a gadzilliong more ^^ Do excuse the Blair Witch feel of the videos since we were on the boat, putting our digicams to their max zoom....Enjoy!!

At least we know that some of our marine mammals still frolick in our waters despite developments like the connection between St John's Island and Lazarus. Now, if only mantas and whalesharks would appear in Singapore too~~~

SY has more photos and videos here. And below are the Wiki links to Humpback dolphins and Sousa chinensis chinensis:
(1) Humpback dolphins
(2) Chinese White dolphins


tHE tiDE cHAsER said...

Wow!!! The video clips and photos were SUPER! When will I get to witness this myself? :(

juanhui said...

thanks ^^ tho' most of the photos were taken by my friend. I generally missed the action (too busy w video)

Maybe you can try looking out to the sea while doing intertidal stuff?

CH said...

Wow!!! Thanks for sharing!

Mmmm....from all the previous sightings, it seen that they only make appearances during weekdays leh.

Allan said...

wow, i wish i could see dolphins when i go this sat..

juanicths said...

Hi Allan,
Do hope you see them too! And if you do, please drop a note here or on the IYOR08Singapore website. Most of the sightings have been on weekdays so we would be delighted to hear of a weekend one!