Thursday, 27 September 2007

Yet another monthly update?!

*sigh* It seems like I have*again* lapsed into the phase of non-blogging... Yet another month with loads of things happening and no updates... Hehz. Getting lazy here, so a quick ramble while I take a break from searching through papers/websites for those little elusive glimpse of lights in this entire process of establishing and managing a coral nursery....

For those of you who still don't know, this little divejunkie is now employed by NParks working on the coral nursery project. Quite a change from the lab life that I am so used to but it does help that BC is kinda filled with a number of familiar faces ^^

Anyways, quite a bit has happened this past month(s), so much so that I have no idea how to start updating. Guess will just take things as it is for now. Photos are all backlogged... Couple of outings I DID want to blog about but just couldn't muster up the energy to sort the photos, UL, and write a nice little prose/story here. No absolute promises here but will try and post up quick small entries this weekend since it's another intertidally weekend for me. One BWV guided walk at Kusu on Sat and one RMBR one at Semakau on Sun. Boy do I miss the flats!!

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