Tuesday, 22 April 2008

3 full days of ADEX

*phew* survived the weekend spent at ADEX. Other than the usual madness that follows setting up and dismantling of the coral nursery display, it was great fun seeing familiar faces at both the Eco-Village and the main booths all over, as well as getting to know some of the prominent but-not-so-familiar (as in not introduced) faces in the dive industry.
IMG_0093 banner
Had to be there early on Friday since there was an opening ceremony, and we did up the little coral nursery corner of the Keppel booth at the ADEX Eco-Village.
IMG_0059 coral nursery booth
All with time to spare as the exhibitors of the cozy little Eco-Village area settled in while the opening speeches were made.
IMG_0068 opening
Well, compared with the IT show that took place earlier in the year, the turnout at ADEX was a little dismal, even more so at the Eco-Village since we were almost tucked away from most of the action. ADEX is known in the dive community more for its deals on gear, trips, books, magazine subscriptions, etc. so the bulk of the visitors hardly spent any time at our Eco-Village. Our busiest periods were usual before and after the lucky draws/dollar auctions (Singaporeans being Singaporeans only appear when there's any announcement of free/cheap stuff), as well as when school groups were brought round on Friday and Saturday. Definitely had our hands full at times, and am thankful for the Keppel volunteers who signed up to man the booth, especially those who came for more than one shift, and the gungho few who have yet to have any first hand experience with deploying the tables or maintaining them. Everybody was all smiles to share with visitors about what the nursery is all about!
IMG_0071 talking to school group IMG_0069 talking to school group IMG_0073 sharing w a visitor
Other than sharing with visitors, these Keppel volunteers were also charged with the task of helping roll up a set of 5 posters on Singapore's biodiversity, so that we could give them out to visitors. A couple of the dive shops actually took stacks to give out at their shops too! Here's two of them posing very happily with the 2 marine posters.
IMG_0077 lovely Keppel volunteers
Our nearest "neighbor" were the folks from Kon-Tiki dive centre in Thailand, and we spent time chatting with each other over the 3 days. They seem to be involved in a number of projects, from Project AWARE to CoralWatch to ReefCheck and some stuff on monitoring butterflyfish as a gauge to reef health, as well as some beach cleanups. Rather heartening so see that there are dive centres that are trying to do their bit for our seas. (To the hardcore pessimists, yes, it IS good commercial sense considering that there's a "Let's go green" bandwagon at the moment but if it helps the cause, why not? Everybody's happy) Would like to be able to head up to Thailand to visit them as well~~
IMG_0087 Kon-Tiki folks
They were even having an art contest every few hours of so. You just need to draw your favorite marine life, and you stand a fish ID DVD from Kon-Tiki. There's even a category for adults so we also took a break from the poster rolling and the booth manning to join in the fun~
IMG_0080 Kon-Tiki dive centre IMG_0081 Kon-Tiki dive centre IMG_0083 happy smiles IMG_0082 Kon-Tiki dive centre
And our masterpieces. Even includes a really special looking "lion-fish" (nope, it's NOT a merlion...LOL) as well as our local critters (courtesy of CH). Do excuse the smudge marks, had to get rid of personal particulars.
IMG_0088 Keppel volunteers' doodles IMG_0089 tada! IMG_0090 juan n CH join in the fun IMG_0085 lionfish IMG_0091 CH's masterpiece
One of the Keppel volunteers even won! Hope you put that ID guide to good use, girl!
IMG_0092 Kon-Tiki's Andy with our Keppel winner
As with all things, the 3 days came to an end all too soon. In the midst of all the packing, managed to grab hold of some of the TMX folks for a quick shot. Some of the (not-quite) behind the scenes people, making things smooth for all of us, including the man behind the voice we've been hearing over the 3 days! Hope the Boat Expo this weekend goes as smoothly for you!
IMG_0094 MC Bernard and some of the TMX folks


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