Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Arashi [嵐] - One Love

So after the ABBA madness (I know I didn't post about Mamma Mia!, actually I did but at the forums instead of here), now it's on to Arashi ^_^ Only the third Japanese "boyband" that I'm actually interested in (after SMAP and KAT-TUN)... Orange Range doesn't count since they're more rap in nature (plus Wikipedia puts them as alternative-rock) so I don't categorise them as a boyband, and the other groups I go for specific songs rather than the group... Anyways, this song is the theme for the Hana Yori Dango. Have yet to watch the movie but have heard this a number of times over Japanese section of 96.3FM, and it's one of those songs that just grow on you..... Lyrics are under the cut.

伝えたくて 伝わらなくて
I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't
Occasionally, before I became meek
泣いた季節を 越えた僕らは
The us that passed the season of crying
Now are really shining

それぞれ描く 幸せのかたちは重なり
Each of the forms of happiness we'd painted are overlapping
今 大きな愛になる
Now they've become a big love
ずっと二人で 生きてゆこう
Let's go on living together, always

百年先も 愛を誓うよ
Even if it were a hundred years past, I swear my love
You are my everything
信じている ただ信じてる
I believe, I just believe
In the person with whom I carve out a common time
どんな君も どんな僕でも
No matter what you're like, or even what I'm like
Every little thing is loved
君がいれば 何もいらない
With you around I don't need anything
Because we'll surely be happy

I waited for you in the rain
Without even knowing the meaning of kindness
The wounded night where we passed each other by
Even then, we've come this far

かけがえのない 出逢いは奇跡を繋いでく
Our irreplaceable chance meeting, I connect it with a miracle
思い出 重なりあう
Our memories overlap
はじまりの歌 鳴り響いて
The song from our beginning reverberates

どんなときも 支えてくれた 笑い泣いた仲間へ
To the friends who have supported us through thick and thin, and laughed and cried with us
心を込めて ただひとつだけ 贈る言葉はありがとう
I put just one thing into my heart, the words I send are "thank you"

百年先も 愛を誓うよ
Even if it were a hundred years past, I swear my love
You are my everything
愛している ただ愛してる
I love you, I just love you
Let's make a vow on the same tomorrow
世界中に ただ一人だけ 僕は君を選んだ
Just one person in the entire world, the you I have chosen
君といれば どんな未来も
Because if I'm with you, no matter what the future is like
It'll be shining always

ラララ 〜
La la la ~

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