Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Baybeats 2010

August has been a relatively interesting month for me. We wrapped up the mass natural shores guides training; YOG has come and gone along with the torch that went past my house, alma mater(s) AND workplace; went for kayaking certification; tried my hand out in greening; and went for Baybeats ^_^ Many thanks to the many friends who were with me (or in the case of the YOG related stuff, jio-ed me) during these events. Definitely made August 2010 rather interesting and special! Oh, especially you guys who were roped into coming along to Esplanade to catch David Choi ;p (You know who you are! And no, you haven't seen me in proper fangirl mode yet. Would like to think that I have already outgrown that phase, and am now a supporter instead of a fangirl. Heh!)

So to celebrate the last day of the eight month of this year, I break away from my series of photo-filled nature related posts and present to you a short video of some of the action I managed to capture on film during the 2nd Day of Baybeats 2010.

Wonder if I should start doing more videos. The editing can be quite fun! ;p

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