Friday, 4 March 2005


Thanks to Kemin and drama CDs (radio-play like audio CDs), I have started taking interest in 声優 (seiyuu: voice actors) 3 of them that I am starting to take notice (and some of their roles) are:
(1) 鈴村健一 (Suzumura Kenichi) He seems to be a pretty new seiyuu but REALLY like his voice!
- Rakushun (Juuni Kokuki)
- Night (Zettai Kareshi)
(2) 桜井孝広 (Sakurai Katahiro) Pretty popular male seiyuu, and the recent drama CDs of Watase Yuu seem to have him as the seiyuu for one of the male leads!!
- Haruka (tactics)
- Adult Loki (Matantei Loki Ragnarok)
- Rimudo (FYGenbu Kaiden)
- Soushi (Zettai Kareshi)
(3) 雪野五月 (Yukino Satsuki) A pretty popular female seiyuu... Kemin gets excited when she finds out who she has voiced ^^
- Kagome (Inuyasha)
- Takiko (FY Genbu Kaiden)
Honestly, Kemin can probably give more details. I am a real noob when it comes to seiyuu.... Having fun recognising voices tho' But I really don't have the time to read up more on them *sigh* Oh well, drama CDs ARE a great way to practise for listening compre!!

とにかく、the next 2 weeks are gonna be super busy 3 CAs next week (Wed: LSM3251, Thu: ST2238, Fri: LAJ2202) Followed by Pulau Tioman trip from Friday to Sunday. What is it with that weekend?!? I have 2 other things I need to go for on 12 Mar!!! P3 class reunion.... Haven't seen some of them in a REALLY long while.... There's also a Gen12ii mass training too, plus Maureen Onions is our guest speaker on that day too!! And there's PCG too.... ALL on 12 March...

*deep breathe* Shall stop whining.... Can't make multiple mes, so.... Would be back in Singapore on Sunday, and then from Monday to Wednesday, need to help out with the SRP congress. Missing 3 days of lectures... Hmmm... Plus there's the LSM3212 CA on 16 March, as well as the ISM and GEM projects to do!!!! (Not forgetting Gen12ii team trainings....) So, blog updates for the next few weeks would be rather massive ones (if I even bother to update that is!)

I used to have no time to do the things I want to but now I barely have time to do the things I need to do... Busy busy busy! Wallpaper and vector in the state of indefinite hiatus... Both kinda half-done at the moment... Need to await the hols *again*

Side note: Why are my blog entries getting longer & longer? *scratch head*

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Anonymous said...

haha thanks for mentioning my name anyway....and yah...I'm still keeping a lookout for seiyuu and trying to stalk them by finding their own homepage and blogs...:P Btw, I got the url of Suzumura-san's fanclub too..hahaha