Wednesday, 16 August 2006

And so the semester begins....

Have had a total of one lecture this week, since the GE2018 lecturer is on MC, and I had to miss Marine Bio due to the compulsory medical examination we had, and I still need to go down to UHWC again tomorrow morning for urine test No. 2 since some protein was found this morning... Week was normal, except for the fact that we probably cannot dive for quite a while... even if we get the green light by next week, it now depends on how many of the *ancient* regulators and BCDs have been serviced/replaced... And just when I thought there was at least the LIT training dive to look forward to (and the sea to return to), just heard news that we *might* hafta postpone it!!! *sigh*

That's when I turn to blogs like Tony Wu's to cheer me up ^^ So fun!!! Wanna be at Tonga and see humpback mother and calf pairs too~~~ Not exactly at the pinacle of chirpiness but at least there's something to smile about for now.... Just wanna be able to hurry up and do trial dives in Singapore and recce possible nursery sites~~~

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