Thursday, 28 September 2006

it's been 3 weeks?!

Oh dear, just realised that I have gone blog-less for 3 weeks!! Hmm... What has happened since the last entry is that I have gone to Tioman (for my nav course), done tonnes of work dives in SG (though I somehow managed to escape doing any at all this week in spite of it being mid-term break), lost and found a dive slate at Kusu, and promptly lost my handphone (on the same day as finding the slate!!!).....

On top of all this, this week has been spent travelling to Sentosa EVERYDAY, to go Underwater World to count my Pocillopora damicornis larvae~~~ Been counting near to a thousand of them daily for the past 2 days... Now all the people working on corals have unofficial titles thanks to Angie.... Coral taxonomist (DW), Coral ecologist (HX), Coral conservationists (Angie, Wai), Coral master (Karenne), silt guy (Eugene 1)... And me? I'm the coral nanny... Feel like asking for a testimonial if I every decide to work in an aquarium (looking after me little ones, the fragments at the level3 aquarium, Angie's little soles, and occasionally, PY's crabbies....) In a way, it's a good thing that I don't have any pets of my own. Definitely won't have any time (or energy) to look after them...

Would be undergoing OJT on the upcoming ReefWalk on 8 Oct (Sun). Do sign up and join me!! For more details and to sign up, go to ^_^

Also, the Sunday after that, 15 Oct, the Hantu bloggers are having another dive trip. It's SGD80. Go to the Hantu Blog at for more details and to signup!!

Yep, yep... Oh, one last thing. The latest issue of FiNS is out!! =^-^=

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