Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Shower of blessings~~~

Since Sat, things have been great!!! Did our LIT training dives at Hantu on Sat, and hitting the sea after one month sure was great for all 5 of us from lab. SUre, the water is not the usual clear, blue that most divers would be used to, but it was rather interesting exploring a part of Singapore's reefs! Many happenings (yesh, me dive buddy would have LOADS to tell you!), rather trying trying to ID fish in the half-murk, though there were a couple of cool stuff spotted. Like this CUTE bumpy nudibranch with a main turqoise coloring, and a guppy at the guppy hole with it's partner shrimp digging away (probably didn't see me due to the muck!) Can just go on and on but since the more technical points are in my divelog, and the longwinded-non-technical points are in my diary (yes, it's still exists), shall not ramble on any more here...

Then there's Mon, Delphine is revived and back, safely in my arms too!! Though I probably should re-format her real soon (not this week since I have just too many things to do...). Just so happy to have her back, then can hide in room and do work and play and all the things I do with her~~~ Oh, and HY got her call that she got into SPF on Mon as well!!! *jumps for joy*

And to top this all off, THE DIVING SUSPENSION HAS BEEN LIFTED!!!!! Meaning the cloud of gloom can be finally lifted off of lab~~ *bounces* And since Wai and I don't need to meet Martin on Thu anymore, I can go join the rest of the labbies for diving on Thu~~~ And I would be going off with HX to Tioman on Fri for our navigation course. Pls, there's pizza for dinner tonight!! Life just can't get any better, can it?

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