Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Last week of semester!?

CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP!!!! It's the last week of lessons already!!! Aaargh!!!!!!! Need to organise notes and MUGMUGMUG!!! Please excuse me...Just needed a little rant-it-all-out therapeutic session before I take the plunge and finish up my samurai term paper.... It's worth 30%, and I have absolutely NO motivation whatsoever to do it properly. Guess I can kiss my 2nd Upper goodbye, and really sit down and think about whether I wanna continue with reef restoration research in Singapore (as opposed to running off to Australia/Okinawa/California to work on crinoids ot whalesharks). Can see why Wai has so much trouble sorting out options. Haha... Still have one semester and my thesis to go though. The good thing about staying with NUS (besides having funding for reef restoration stuff and TA-ship), assuming that they wanna keep me, is that there's also SPS mentoring (that would take up a chunk of my time but gets me paid)... Downside is that Prof would be away teaching in USA during my first semester of post-graduateness (if I stay on and do Master's immediately that is) Too many "ifs" floating around me head now.... Really need to concentrate on the "now" and get through this semester with minimal injuries!!!

EDIT: Before I forget again, saw my first cuttlefish in Singapore waters while diving near the breakwaters at SJI yesterday!!! Pity the crapped up vis but it was still pretty amazing!!!


boonleong said...

Hoi! I use your tagboard lor! Just that you don't reply.

Hm, is taking a year off and working somewhere a viable option?

And congrats on the cuttlefish.

juanhui said...

if I do decide on overseas then prob a year off from studies wld b in the works... tagboard is off since u are the sole monopoliser... Can't wait to try out my digicam on tmr's dive!! hope the weather is gd

boonleong said...

Ooooh! You *did* cave in and by the camera! Haha, I may borrow it when I'm back!