Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Thanks Abby~~~

Sir David Attenborough was in Singapore to film some parts of "Life in Cold Blood" at Sungei Buloh. recently!!! *goes into fangirl mode* Didn't get the chance to meet him in person, though Wai and Abby did. Some photos and stuff on Wai's blog, HERE. Anyways, Abby was nice enough to make this photo of us mucking around in the mangroves with Sir Attenborough ^^

Definitely makes up for not being able to meet him... Should make good use of my Kinokuniya membership card and grab "Life on Air" or the Blue Planet book one of theses days....


boonleong said...


Ok. Calm now.

juanhui said...

that was my reaction precisely when I read my fren's blog