Friday, 12 October 2007

And now a juvenile peaceful dove....

It seems that our office attracts birds despite being near a relative busy-ish road. Has been pouring most of the day, even storming at times, resulting in this juvenile peaceful dove (Geopelia placida) being blown out of its nest and onto the road. Wilson found it just outside along the road (probably around 1445h or so). Having just had an unexpected feathery guest yesterday, we promptly produced a small container lined with shredded paper (yes, it's always good to re-use stuff!), and whipped out the camera. As doves and pigeons produce crop milk to feed their young, cow milk (yes, bovines are not feathery but it's the best we have!) was taken from the fridge and heated to feed the little one. This little fella needs to be fed every 2 hours or so, thus Wilson's gonna bring it back over the weekend to jaga, and then back to the office. Do hope it survives our human-nannying it. I'll only get to see it on Tuesday since ZMY and I would be out diving at Semakau on Monday. Would try and keep a mini-diary/record of how it's doing.

Geopelia placida (2)
The wee little fella. Ain't it cute? Really hope it survives~~

Geopelia placida
And the top view of it in the little makeshift nest...

Meantime, any volunteers to be on the feeding roster? And any tips on looking after baby doves?


For more about the peaceful dove:
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