Monday, 1 October 2007

First time guiding at Semakau!!

So here's part 2 of this month's intertidally weekend! This time at Semakau. Honestly speaking, am a little drained after 2 consecutive days of guiding. Really admire people like July who have been doing the Semakau walks from Friday to Sunday. *round of applause*

It's my first time guiding on my own here at Semakau, and I haven't really gotten a rhythm to pace myself, so I do apologise to my group of Anemone Clownfish (aka Nemos) from NUS High School of seemingly rushing them from thing to thing.With the stress of guiding and stuff (just like SY) I didn't really take photos. I even forgot a photo of my group! *doh* Enough rambling, on to the photos and little descriptions before I KO and catch my 40 winks before work tomorrow. Erm.... I meant work later today...


First up, when we arrived at the NEA offices, we were greeted by this little mayfly that was posing nicely on the door before it got spooked of onto the false ceiling. Not the most natural of settings but still rather encouraging to see it there when we arrived.


One of the highlights for me today was seeing not one but TWO noble volutes laying eggs!!! This is pretty cool for me after having seen the eggs earlier this year (Refer to this entry). My fellow Semakau guides have been seeing them on everyday over this weekends walks, and Ron mentioned that they have been observed to be laying eggs for the past few months already!!

Here's the other one just finished with it's egg laying. Seems like it's egg laying season as there were a number of sand collars (egg masses of moon snails) all around as well, same as with Kusu yesterday. CH also saw a nudibranch laying egg masses during today's Hantu dive with Debbie's Hantubloggers gang. *jealous*


Well, after the sun set, the common seastars that we spotted earlier in the evening were all nicely arranged in pairs like the one shown above, with the smaller "male" seastar stacked above the "female" one. All in preparation for start making their progeny and thus ensuring that they continue being common!


One of my favourite things about the Semakau flats is the sunset. Just gorgeous. What a nice treat to go along with our walk ^^

For more takes on today's (yesterday's) walk, here's Siyang's entry and take on his first time guiding that also includes a photo on how our very own "mosquito attractant" guide risks flesh and blood each time he guides.. As well as July's post with a photo of an octopus. Yes, we came across one today but sadly no stingray....

Seriously, it's time to turn in. Will consider adding/editing things when I'm more recharged and less sleepy.

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