Sunday, 18 November 2007

Short visit to see flowers ^^

Had the chance to visit the National Orchid Garden on Thursday. Felt great seeing all those colourful blossoms despite it being a garden, meaning that plants were intentionally transplanted there from nurseries because they are in bloom. In addition to this, most of the more interesting colourations are from hybrids that humans had a hand in breeding. Assisted nature perhaps? Great way of introducing people to the outdoors and nature though, especially for the less adventurous. ^^

Here's a quick post on some of the blooms, with the rest on Flickr!
IMG_2101 - ground orchid
Starting things of is this land orchid that is near the entry area. Just because most of the orchids we see are planted in cocount husk or on charcoal or on trees doesn't mean that they can be like other plants and grow on the ground! This one does!

IMG_2102 - ground orchid
Flower buds of the land orchid.

IMG_2116 IMG_2108 IMG_2112 IMG_2121 IMG_2200 IMG_2213 IMG_2203
Some of the dendrobiums seen

And of course, here are some of the VIP orchids that Singapore has been famous for. Hybrids that look really gorgeous and are named after politicians, celebrities and other famous personalities.
IMG_2130 - Dendrobium Michael Jeffrey
Dendrobium Michael Jeffrey was named after His Excellency Major-General Michael Jeffrey, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, on the occasion of his visit to the National Orchid Garden on 10 Mar 2004.

IMG_2135 - Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher
Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher was named after Baroness Margaret Thatcher, former PM of UK, during her visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 1985.

IMG_2143 - Dendrobium Elizabeth
Dendrobium Elizabeth was named after Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom during her visit to the Gardens in 1972.

IMG_2176 - Dendrobium David Baltimore
Dendrobium David Baltimore was named after Dr David Baltimore for his contribution in placing Singapore on the map of excellence for the Life Sciences.

IMG_2137 - Dendrobium Masako Kotaishi Hidenka
Dendrobium Masako Kotaishi Hidenka was named in honour of Princess Masako of Japan, to commemorate the royal wedding with Prince Naruhito in 1993.

And my personal favourite:
IMG_2180 - Spathoglottis Jane Goodall
Spathoglottis Jane Goodall was named after Dr Jane Goodall, for the occasion of her visit to the National Orchid Garden on Monday, 6 Dec 2004.

IMG_2159 - Aranda Majula 'Rimau'
This Aranda Majula 'Rimau' is another favorite of mine. Reminds me of a leopard plush. All you need to do is add in the eyes above the "snout"!

Other flowers found all over the garden:
IMG_2171 - Hokulea spp. IMG_2151 - Hokulea spp.
Hokulea flowers

IMG_2209 - Heliconia spp. IMG_2224 - Heliconia spp.
Heliconia flowers
IMG_2225 - Heliconia spp.
A quick peek into one of the bracts reveals why these flowers are also known as "bird-of-paradise"

Other greenery present:

IMG_2147 - willow tree
This big willow in the middle of the path

As well as these huge palms that line the paths and provide shade for visitors and orchids alike

And after I exited the Orchid Garden, this not-so-shy dove was just staying very still, as if it was there to bid me farewell on behalf of the orchids!

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