Monday, 17 December 2007

Birding at my doorstep....

EDIT: Realised that my posts are probably too convoluted and unclear. Kena misinterpreted by Wildsingapore again. The bee-eater was spotted along the road just outside where I stay (those of you who know me know where I am referring to), which is NOT Ubin, unfortunately. Ubin offers tonnes of bird sightings, but that's not the focus of this entry. Just want to share on how you can enjoy nature that's right in front of you, without going through the trouble of trooping all over to nature hotspots. After all, mother earth is all around! Start simple in sparking off that interest in nature, and slowly work up to joining us crazy guides on forays to our nature reserves (and joustling each other for the best photos, and the fastest blogs!) ^^


Originally wanted to blog about the sunny, fun-filled trip to Sungei Buloh and Kranji Nature Trail but I figured that with FIVE blogs covering the same outing, it's kinda overkill. Besides, I have yet to figure out which of my photos I want to put public and watermark. Those would come slowly since Christmas is yet another flurry of outdoor-sy stuff.

So, I'm putting up a couple of photos of this Blue-tailed bee-eater (Merops philippinus) that I managed to photograph just as I went home after a morning out at the Chek Jawa boardwalk with the Naked Crabbies earlier this month. Yes, those photos are up on my Flickr if anybody's interested.
DSCF9381 Blue-tailed Bee-eater

Not the best-est of photos but considering that it's the first time I was using a DSLR, still rather decent I must say. At least it's decent enough to match to a way better photo in the ID book, showing the greenish tinge of the body, slightly orange-yellow nape, mask across the eye etc.
DSCF9374 Blue-tailed Bee-eater

The book also states that the blue-tailed bee-eater is "found in all open habitats, rural areas, mangroves, plantations, scrub and secondary growth." Nothing about housing estates I see. Yet at the same time, it amazes me that from time to time I would see some colorful/interesting bird just out my window. Being Singaporeans, we are probably familiar with crows, spotted-nape pigeons, sparrows, and common mynas (including balding ones!). But these are NOT the only birds around us. No time to go to Sungei Buloh or any other birding spot? Why not just take a look out your window and observe the the nature that's at your doorstep? Or even just spend some time at the nearest park or park connector observing things around.... You might even see a few parakeets flying pass! I know that happens from time to time, and I would be too stunned to do anything.

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Hey, indeed a different entry from the 5 of us...

Nice bird though