Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New year, New template ^^

Saturday marked the day I finally kicked my lazybones outta bed and actually went jogging all by myself! ALONE! WITHOUT ANY NAGGING!!! OK, so it was only a short distance around my area but at least I mysef up and running! ^^ Let's just hope I keep that up.

And to top things off, ASHIRA here is welcoming the new year with a new look ^^ Yep, managed to meet my self-imposed deadline of 01 Jan 2008 to do up a template in XML. Whoppee! Did wish I went to borrow some books on XML before trying this out but since it's up and running, am just glad. Nothing really special since I was too lazy missed out on having a constructive conversation with my muse, so no nice design. Doesn't help that the 3 or 4 designs I came up with ages ago (but didn't have time to do up) were planned using html coded iFrames...

Do give comments on how to improve etc. Verbal abuse is allowed, so long as it's constructive! So do be nice~


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