Wednesday, 30 April 2008

ReefAlert 2008 @ Dayang

To wrap up this month of April, I bring you photos from last weekend when moggi and I went with the SMUX divers to Dayang to help facilitate this year's ReefAlert. The theory sessions were conducted at the SMU campus last Monday to Thursday.
_DSC5357-Group Pics (photo courtesy of Moehadi)
Would love to do my usual long babbling long entries with details on all we saw but that's gonna take too long, and I'll be up early tomorrow to head over to Sedili Besar with a group of fellow volunteer guides..... So without further ado, here's a slideshow of the entire ReefAlert process from training to the actual surveys to the fun we had in between. New friends made, new knowledge gained, newly inspired budding volunteers..... Do feel free to click on the photos and head over to my Flickr set to comment and all.

What more can you ask for? The sun, the sand and the sea.... Marine critters galore, and dive enthusiasts being inspired to do their bit in monitoring the state of the reef at Dayang. Do hope that some of them end up joining RF in doing our local surveys too! Was also lucky enough to catch a solitary Goniastrea colony spawn (nope, no mass spawning when we did the night dive last Sat), and observe a Chromodoris coi doing the nudi version of the can-can with the constant "skirt flipping".... With a number of friends planning to go for dive courses, and me doing my rescue some time this year, guess will be back at Dayang soon enough. Until then~~
IMG_0190 sunrise@Dayang

More photos here:
taken by Moehadi
taken by Zach

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