Thursday, 26 June 2008

Haiku spammed on Flickr~

divejunkie here is back from her unannounced hiatus ^_^ Photos are slowly being updated on Flickr again (yesh, KS n zhu-ge, I *still* owe you guys quite a few shots....) And it seems the budak is on a roll today! Using his words, I have been "haiku spammed" on Flickr~~ Probably the first day I'm receiving so many comments on Flickr! Here the the photos and haikus (all done by the the duck since I am most definitely not so literally gifted.... Overall I like the light-hearted spin on my recent intertidal trips to Cyrene and the RF refresher at Hantu ^_^

WARNING: All haikus are presented in their entirety, so be prepared getting a taste of duck's sense of humor and outspoken-ness..... Some don't really make sense w/o the original captions so click on the photos to get to the original Flickr photo pages ^^

IMG_1299 20080523 (by juanicthstream)
your star comes up short
it went for a nip and tuck
and now moans its luck

IMG_1252 20080523 (by juanicthstream)
don't count your sea stars
before they hatch to harbour
evil schemes that suck

IMG_1191 guess wat's happening here! (by juanicthstream)
the humanity!
can't stars have sex on the beach
with some privacy?

IMG_1189 tale of 3 echinoderms (by juanicthstream)
see this sordid scene
it costs just a sand dollar
you shameless fella

IMG_1188 picnic on the beach (by juanicthstream)
you sure tis the spot
to bake and burn our bodies
under the hot sun?

IMG_1185 on baby dolphin (by juanicthstream)
five folks in a boat
plus a fishy friend with cam
who forgot the ham?

IMG_1182 silhouette of a duck (by juanicthstream)
i deem this pic foul
it flatters not what's in truth
a fine feathered fowl

IMG_1176 Ivan n KS (by juanicthstream)
what a bad morning
to have herps hounding your day
with flashes of ray

IMG_1259 20080523 (by juanicthstream)
your dull little star
might be a knob or two short
of its set of chips

IMG_1155 anemone clownfish in a field of tentacles (by juanicthstream)
emo is nemo
for soon he'll wake to find
he's now a she-mo

IMG_1123 juvenile CMR (by juanicthstream)
you having fun guys?
aren't you too young to engage
in tentacle porn?

IMG_0999 almost stranded (by juanicthstream)
is that a hole there
in the bottom of the boat?
oh we are so sunk

IMG_0993 preparing to leave (by juanicthstream)
my stars and garters!
i forgot to bring along
my hat and putters

IMG_0934 sam  wondering if the seastar is getting mad...
finger me not sam
or you shall taste the flavour
of sand-blasted ham


boonleong said...

It seems to me that
There's an unusual lot of
Starfishes and sex

yanskie said...

emo is nemo
for soon he'll wake to find
he's now a she-mo

gotta love this one among the rest.. although the last one made me laugh more.. XD Never have I imagined that sex can be creatively be associated with starfishes in a oh so true but interesting manner.. ^^ this must be one of your entries that I truly had fun reading.. ^^