Friday, 10 June 2005

NUS High Camp - mission accomplished!!!

The second camp is now officially done ^^ Yay!! Compared to the P6s, the Sec 2s were much less energetic.... In other words, they didn't drain my "batteries" as badly ^^ Still, having a nice bath at the end of the day feels REAL good!!

[Juan dashes off for dinner at this point....]

Okies... Back from a nice dinner that included chili black pepper fish, and now on to more rambling abt the camp... heehee.... Guess u shld be able to tell that Juan has enough energy to be bouncing ard! Kinda glad that my team *finally* showed SOME enthusiasm at the eco-race of the last station. Tho' that may be partly due to Malcolm actually giving them a time to beat..... Well, since BOTH teams competing actually managed to beat the original best time of 18 min plus, all I can say is "Well done Orange!!" As the Orange mentors were saying, it truly is the "Return of the Jedi"! Great that Orange teams managed to get the best team for 3 stations, compared to the P6 camp where only one girl from Orange got a prize for the DuPont quiz..... It was a busy (and rather draining) week, and I definitely enjoy the rest of my hols ^^ (Just need to get off me bum and go do some active scouting for a UROPS prof....)

Guess the kids weren't the only ones who made new friends. I got to know more NUS pple too! I mean, I already know the SPS ones, but there were also a number of SPS-friends that were helping out. People like Aloysius were doubly great to know. (In his case, he's a nice fella, PLUS he's also a fellow ACSian!!)

Hmmmm..... On to other things.... Yea, CoolBlueX has done the updating at, so the anime episode summaries are slowly trudging along.... Gotta start watching those live musicals soon too...At least the TenuPuri stuff are making some headway, not like my Kino no Tabi translations... Translating REALLY is tougher than it looks :(

The AMC website has been moved to Leslie's SCCC hosting space, and well, things are still kinda messy at the moment while sections are being allocated to various pple... Grace and I are kinda the articles pple. I really wonder what I can write abt.... Plus whether my writing skills are really up-to-std.... I mean, other that blog entries (or diary style ramblings) or science-related reports, papers etc., I haven't really been doing anything similar to a proper article writing.... Oh dear, what to do abt this?

Dental appointment tmr... So NOT looking fwd to it..... Never really liked visiting either the doctor's nor the dentist's *hefty sigh*

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