Tuesday, 16 August 2005


Finally went for my first Jap lecture... Changed sensei, no more Chiba-sensei or Tomiko-sensei *sobz* Now it's Morita-sensei and Okada-sensei.... Oh well, need to get used to another set of teachers all over again. It was great seeing so many familiar faces again in Jap class ^^ However, one thing that really struck me was that the whole bunch of us were really pampered by Chiba-sensei's teaching style..... She really is a nice sensei, TOO nice in fact, so now we are all gonna haf to learn how to cope w a sudden increase in Jap workload....

Also got my 2nd Kino no Tabi visuak book today (courtesy of May Yi) Really happy ^^ Speaking of which, my Kino translations are *still* kinda stuck at the moment thanks to schoolwork and various other random stuff..... Managed to rope May Yi into this "mini-project" of mine, but both of us are still kinda busy, so nothing's gonna be up for a while... Okies, need to go home now, esp since I need to do some revision AND I do haf a fieldtrip tmr as well.... Minna-san, mata ne~~

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