Thursday, 4 August 2005

Wat a morning!!!

Boy oh boy..... it's been such a crummy morning that the day can ONLY get better.... Somehow managed to beat the rain when I left home, but lo and behold, 198 had to have a break dn along the Jurong West stretch, so the whole busload of us were off loaded onto the bus stop.... By then, it was pouring not just cats and dogs, but elephants too!! Aargh... din help that the bus stop had a leaky roof.... So the next 198 came along, but since the broken dn one was still blocking the area just in front of the bus stop, it was like a quick dash in the downpour and into the bus.... Rain din let up went the bus got to NUS, but one wld have thot that the nice covered walkway wld be more than adequate to shelter pple over.... That was SO not the case... *bleah* Not w the strong wind blowing.... Ended up w my right arm all wet, and the right side of BOTH legs of my berms wet.... Wld be quite hilarious if I weren't cold... Oh well, at least I am in a dry place now ^^ Really shld start keeping a spare change of clothes in school, along w a towel.....

Okies, enough ranting and complains..... Time to GLOAT ^^ Just can't help it since I actually got Japanese 04 for ONE POINT!!!! Finally, I dun half to use a whole bunch of points to get Jap ^^ *does a little jig* Now I actually haf points to spare on other breadths that I am interested in ^^

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