Saturday, 10 December 2005

今広島の星が丘にいる ^^

Hehz... Was checking email for a bit just now, so a quick update ^^ Quite difficult typing with a Japanese keyboard... So many extra buttons to use... Guess there goes the idea of getting an iBook in Japan.... Anyways, am using my host family's comp at the moment, and I really haf got to keep this short since I am getting pretty cold again *bleah* Quite amazing staying halfway up an actual mountain... Far from the main Hiroshima city area but great scenery and stuff (like seeing random patches of snow, and getting half frozen when I step out of the house in the morning...), so I kinda get to experience the best of both sides ^^ Doubt I can post anything while I am in Osaka since none of the 8 of us brought our laptops. Might try again before we leave Hiroshima.... Takes a bit to get used to the transportation (like when u get up on the bus, u enter by the rear and exit by the front, and their transportation is SUPER on time... not like SG's that the predicted arrival time is ALWAYS wrong....) and traffic lights here, but other than that, it really seems to be pretty similar to life back in Singapore except with more land and a diff language.... That shld be all for now, prob more stuff (including some photos) when I get back!! ^^

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