Sunday, 9 April 2006

hotaru no haka

5 min into watching the live action re-make of the Studio Ghibli anime, and I am already tearing... This movie was made to make the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII, and ever since watching the the anime the first time round a few years back, I can't help but recall this movie when I see a box/tin of those Meiji Fruitdrop sweets... *cries some more* War is heart wrenching, esp so when you think about the civilians who are trying so hard to survive... oh, the children.... This year would mark the 61st anniversary of the end of WWII and I really hope that there would NEVER ever be a WWIII, and that NOBODY would have to suffer from the effects of another nuclear bomb (or anything as horrifying) *shudder* Memories of the artifacts and vids we saw at the Hiroshima A-Bomb Museum start coming to mind... Think I shld pay a visit there again when I am back in Hiroshima (hopefully in May for the internship)

*goes back to the movie and a tear-fest*

2.5h later.....
Nice seeing a new perspective to the original anime, with the introduction of another family (that DOES survive the war) to tell the story as a kinda flashback from 2005, and set in Kobe during the war years (Showa period), and atempts to make it a little more realistic than 2 children trying to survive all on their own during the last year of WWII. But isn't Sawano Hisako too harsh on the 2 kids, all the same? War and hunger just seems to bring out the worst in humans, but isn't there some way to survive together cooperatively? Or am I just being over-idealistic?

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