Tuesday, 4 April 2006

still alive... barely..

*sigh* exams are nearing... but still have like 3 assignments to go... the big UROPS report was in last week, and now I'm left with the oral examination-cum-grilling session by profs :( but at least the report is all done (except that there are just SO MANY grammar and lang prob with it... dun even dare ask Prof abt content errors... just wait to get roasted during the oral sessions lor...) Japanese individual report dued tmr (since my TB is tmr... why can't I be in the Thu TB?!), so I prob have a late night today, attempting to get 2000 words out in Japanese... Doesn't help that TA is til 8pm.... Then there's the reports for behavioral and tumor.... More worried for the tumour one... 900-word essay some more... at least for the behavioral one I have a choice between finishing up our 2nd observational journal or doing the short answer assignment.... and then there's the preparation for exams.... REALLY need to score for exams in all my bio mods since my UROPS is so mucked up (unless Prof decides to be uberly nice to me....), or else I *may* not be able to do honors..... *pulls out hair*

Kinda in dire straits now since my coherency level is like this... oh well.... back to mugging the near-to-2-page long vocab list for TA... dunno how many I can remember, but need to finish it up and then do the readings for tmr's behavioral discussions, as well as my Japanese 2000 word essay.....

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