Friday, 23 March 2007

What happened to rationality?

This article raised a number of questions with regards to zoos and human meddling in the lives of animals. Just because Knut's mum abandoned her two cubs, doesn't mean that she would have done so in the wild, and definitely doesn't justify outright murder of a polar bear cub!! Yes, an abandoned cub in the wild would mean near to sure death but it still isn't definite, and aren't polar bears supposed to be protected? They definitely are endangered animals. Maybe making the cub dependent on humans isn't exactly the best thing to do but taking the other extreme of just killing it off ain't right either. What happened to methods of remediation? How about using puppets or roleplaying etc. to attempt to teach Knut how to fend for himself, so that he could be re-introduced into the wild? Wouldn't that make more sense, even from an animal rights point of view?

Really, the bizarre things humans think of protesting about. If the only solutions we can come up with when faced with problems with regards to animal protection are only the two extremes, we probably would end up doing more harm than any good at all. How then can we be responsible caretakers of this earth of ours? How then can we face the inevitable climate change (or crisis) and continue to protect our lives, livelihoods, and biodiversity?

And here's yet another piece of disheartening news about another group of mammals, our ceteceans. This period is depressing enough with my thesis looming over my head and all the mentoring duties I have cramped in the next 2 weeks, and I definitely could do without such disheartening news...

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