Saturday, 31 March 2007

Revving up the engine...

Whoppee!!! Finally got my poster printed ^^ Think it's too wordy but considering that Prof didn't vett it or anything... The edges of the words are a little pixelated, unlike those that were printed at the DBS office but the pictures in those are super dotty... Give and take I guess but at least it's out!!! Now that my writing engine has finally gotten started, I need to whack out a full thesis draft for Prof by Friday or esle forgo the chance of joining urchin_kaka, woceht, DW, applecow, k, and the other labbies who would be going coral spawning next weekend. That and prepare for poster presentation on Tue. Do hope there're no major boo-boos on my poster, and that I know my experimental design and stats well! Extra thanks to woceht for doing some basic discussion on stats online on Wed, and DW for spending half the morning explaining GMAV and stats and stuff to me last Friday. Really helped me alot!!! *hugs to both you angels*

And when I got home, my parents had gotten me more memory whild doing the weekly groceries!! *bwahaha* Am now the proud owner of 512mb, 1gig, 2gig SD cards and 54mb, 256mb, 1gig thumb drives *grins from ear-to-ear* Good thing both my digicams use SD cards, and now there's more than enough memory to split between Caplio and Ixus!! More thumbies to make my work more transportable too!! My Prestigo 100gig external HDD can stay at home and be the backup drive for everything, and my three thumbs can handle the active projects! *yay*

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