Saturday, 7 April 2007

The end is in sight!!!

Count down to thesis dateline... 4 days to go. Managed to cough up a complete draft!! It still needs quite a bit of work but IT'S OUT!! Taking a "break" from reading it by grading 71 presentations *groan* and going for night spawning at RAffles today!!! *bounces* (Here to read woceht's experience yesterday ) Then back home super late, *attempt* to go for easter service tomorrow morning, then back to the paper mill... In the meantime, sent my semi-wrecked train to a couple of friends for comments and stuff... Need to remember to print the hardcopies out for k and urchin_kaka to help me edit~~

*phew* just need to survive thesis, trop con project and sps commitments til end of next week, then would just be left with one exam ^^ Heehee~~~ Can't really be bothered about grades at this point in time but just wanna graduate with a decent score.. So after 25 April would be FREE!!!! Free to go through my backlog of photos... Just remembered that I have yet to organise my 4 weeks worth of photos when I went to Japan last year....

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