Thursday, 26 April 2007

厨 Kuriya @ Raffles City

Had dinner woceht at this Japanese restaurant last night. Kinda a mini-celebration to make the end of undergrad exams forevermore!! Firstly, it's one of the more decent Japanese places in Singapore. Kinda pricey and I had to resist from doing mental conversions as to how much the meal would cost back in Japan... The chorus of "Irrashaimase" as we walked in was like CORRECT for once (compared to all those Jap-wannabe places that DON'T get the terminology or pronounciation correct)The waitress who showed us our seat was pretty competent, even introducing us to today's fresh catch-of-the-day, that included some river crabs that looked all too cute to be eaten!!

When presented with the menu, we were pondering on all the various things that could be tried. And based on what we had in the end, the place definitely warrants future trips!! Me having my Ricoh with me, went trigger happy (mind you, this is the first time I actually took photos of my meal in Singapore!! Previously, only did that in Japan since the presentation was all so nice!!)

This was what woceht had. It's some healthy diet soba thing that had medium-rare egg, ladies fingers, natto, seaweed on the soba.. Rather nice, and as she puts it, rather slimy too~~

This was what I had. Karasumi ochazuke. Basically rice with grilled/barbecued roe, with the option of pouring soba tea on the rice. Silly me forgot to try just the soba tea with the rice and promptly mixed in the wasabi in with everything. So all I could make of my meal was wasabi. Silly, rite?

After which, it was dessert time!!! I ordered the house special. Grilled vanilla ice cream. How did it taste? Imagine roasted mashmallows, then imagine the insides being replaced with nice vanilla icecream~~~

Woceht ordered mochi instead. Here's the view from the side of the imposing blob of red beans....

And of course, the less mposing imaged of thei nice chewy mochi~~~

Yep, so that was our mini-adventure of the day. Nice change from our usual JP haunt. Nice atmosphere to chitchat at the place as well. Wanna go there again soon... Once my pocket recovers a little first ^^

Oh, and here's woceht's take on dinner~~

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