Monday, 24 March 2008

Does this mean it's time to change my hp number?

What is this?! Just got a call from a current student of ACJC, asking if I'm interested in buying Fun-O-Rama tickets. Is my alma mater SOOooooo desperate to sell tickets that it needs to lower itself to the tactics of telemarketing? I did not leave my number with the online OBA database thing so that some unknown junior can use it to get ticket sales. Yes, I am an ex-student and the money from the ticket sales is all for a good cause but wouldn't an email from the school admin be more official? No, I am NOT impressed by this. In fact, am tempted not to turn up for Fun-O-Rama.... Am pretty sure all the other former students would rather hear from friends/ex-teachers/school admin with regards to ticket sales.... Do hope that this is a one off thing. Am sorely disappointed, and this does not befit the cries of "The Best is Yet to Be"!! Anybody else get a random call from a junior?

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