Wednesday, 5 March 2008


A big sorry to everybody who was expecting/waiting for my review on last night's episode of Once Upon a Tree on seafood. Don't know why I was so tired yesterday that I just KO-ed on the bed. Think that was around 9 or so... (Remember looking at the clock then and thinking that I won'd miss the episode) Whoops... Seems like the lure of seafood and seeing our very own chatterbox of a tidechaser at Changi wasn't enough to keep me awake... And after I told sassy-jiejie that I would.... Real sorry folks. Guess any comments and discussions of the show would have to go to the wildfilms' pre-show summary over here. Unless someone recorded it and I can still watch? If not, will just try and catch the 4th instalment next week..

On a side note, ashira made it to the top 100 on the nature blog network~~~ Thank you all for your blog stalking readership!


Ivan said...

Wah lau, you also. I was outside and kept reminding myself to call home and ask my mum to record it. Then I remembered only when it was almost 10. =(

ria said...

No worries Jun, now we really appreciate the effort you took to do the earlier reviews!

Perhaps Yean can organise a big event for all of us to view all the eps together :-)