Monday, 5 May 2008

divejunkie on divejunkie ^^

Geh~~ Am on the the Dive Junkie ADEX2008 flash banner on their main page!!! In case you're wondering, DJ's a brand of tops that combines scuba and clothing, so divejunkies like me get to bring some of our diving cheer on land too! My main reason for stalking their booth at ADEX was to try and get the "nudist" tee but alas, it's only in guy sizes and the larger ones too.... But I did get a yellow eagle ray polo ^^ Wonder if I should contact Cavin for the photo he took of me and mich....

p/s. more reasons for me to love DJ. They have linkies to WildSingapore and HantuBloggers!!! Way to go guys!

1 comment:

cavin said...

heyhey... sure you can have the pic. send to your work email addy? let me know, drop me an email!

cavin. :)