Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Meet Hermie, the not-so-naked hermit crab....

Finally done processing my Sedili photos (yes, I'm the tortoise of the group...) What better way to spend my birthday than outdoors, nua-ing in nature and chilling with friends? Many picture perfect moments and fun with fellow guides and friends, and we got to meet some hermit crabs like Hermie here!
hermit crab coming out
Like most hermit crabs that this fish attempts to befriend, he shies into its shell. However, the friendly vibes seem to have gotten across to Hermie here and he slowly ventures out, even giving me curious looks! After realising that I neither wanted to eat him nor steal his shell, he even posed nicely for photos. Pretty amazing how he manages to reach out and get just enough grip on the substrate to turn the shell over. Bet he can beat most of us hands down when it comes to sit-and-reach!

Want to see more of Hermie and the fun we had over the Labor Day weekend? Here's my Flickr set.

Here's more photos from the rest, even some of the paparazzi-ish shots of me with my birthday cake (Thanks for the cake and plushies, guys! Though not for the moment of flashes...):

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