Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sherman's Sharkfins Saga....

This series of strips appeared in my inbox courtesy of K! (Though Monkey beat me to putting it up on her blog.) Sherman's Lagoon has just done a series of dailies showing the plight of sharks, and in this case "What if Sherman got finned?!" (If the words are a little difficult to read, click on the image to go to my Flickr page and get the full-sized image) In Sherman's case, he gets back his fins and there's sorta a "happy ending" but unfortunately, this won't be possible for our real life sharks out in the oceans. It's a one-way trip to the pearly gates for them.
complete sherman sharkfins saga
Hilarity and jokes aside, seeing that SL is a series that is pretty wellknown (and appears in our local papers as well), it is great that Jim Toomey is making use of the comic's popularity to share about shark finning, even having a conservation message on the SL site! Monkey has included quite a number of links about sharkfins on her blog post over here. It would be great if the demand for shark fin as a delicacy can be reduced. I have sworn off shark fins for a few years now, and am still trying to convince my grandma not to serve it during CNY anymore.... Just the sharkfin soup stock with bee hoon inside would pretty much taste the same... Care to join me in taking a stand for our oceans' sharks?

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