Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Forestle - the greener version of Google?

Forestle - Save the rainforests by searching the web
I know that I mention more marine/intertidal related stuff on this blog but Forestle is a nifty way to do your Google searches (they use the same algorithms apparently) while generating donations to the Nature Conservancy's adopt an acre programme. And if you use Firefox and its built in search tool-bar like I do, there's even a plug-in that you can install so you would use it automatically for searches!

Unfortunately I can't take full credit for stumbling across this search engine since I would it on the bioephemera blog while waiting for the DSN folks to finally enlighten us on their BIG NEWS. I must say that the green themed interface is quite a change from the usual Google one that I am used to.
Here's a more detailed write-up on how this entire thing works:

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marine maiden said...

o.O just know about it...
But I receive an error for every page that I visited... either page not found or function error... -.-"

Guess I'll wait until the web stabilized....