Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Listing of Ocean Blogs

Was going through my Google reader feeds, and Rick MacPherson has nicely put together a list of (Great!) blogs that feature the ocean(s). Nice to see that a number of our local SG nature bloggers making his list ^^ How apt that he has done his done up this blog listing in the week leading up to our IYOR launch! He even has our IYOR-Singapore blog in his links too!

Our featured SG bloggers are as listed:
(1) The Annotated Budak
(2) The Hantu Blog
(3) TideChaser blog
(4) MantaMola blog
(5) TeamSeagrass
Encouraging isn't it? That some of our local nature blogs are being read internationally, and recognised as GREAT blogs! ^_^ Interestingly enough, Wildfilms nor BWV was included on the listing.... We definitely have quite a number of folks that provide the voices for Singapore's natural habitats! Some of them are linked directly from my blog, while others are listed in our little network of nature bloggers that Monkey set up.

On a side note, photos are crawling up on Flickr again. Still not quite up-to-date yet but getting there slowly ^^

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