Monday, 11 August 2008

Star Tracking on My Paper (Part 01)

Having been tipped off by SJ on Sat, divejunkie here made sure she was early enough to beat the crowds to get a copy of today's My Paper. Sure enough, the front cover of the Chinese portion had the Star Tracking efforts as the headlines. Well done!
20080811 - My Paper article on Star Trackers

Haven't had the chance to post the main article online, let alone do a rough translation of it but here's a rough translation of the headlines plus the little snippet. (DISCLAIMER: divejunkie is NOT known for her Cheena prowess, so these are very loose translations for those even more Mandarin-challenged than her.... Feel free to correct)

This one is of the portion above:
Issuing ICs to Seastars
180 odd seastars on our country's Southern shores now have an identification number, all thanks to the dedicated tracking work that 2 conservation volunteers have been contributing to their research.
Full article on page B3

20080811 - My Paper article on Star Trackers (1)

And here's the rough translation for this snippet found on page 2:
Tracking, Touching
Taking note of something is generally a touching action by people who care.

Because there is the need to not let things die out by themselves, because of the fear that things and feelings of value would be forgotten, thus the need for keeping records.

We record history, scenery, feelings and emotions, everything that's happening around us, they chose to track seastars.

Two young people with a passion for marine life, tiredlessly going to Singapore's southern reefs in search of a type of Knobbly Seastar, taking photos, taking body measurements, giving identification numbers, such that these seastars are no longer just a population of seastars but unique individual seastars.

Having given these seastars an identification code of their own, these seastars are now like the humans around us, needing long term concern and care.
page B3 We all have a name and IC!

Will try and tackle the main article when I get home after swimming, unless someone else has already done so by then! Meanwhile, the less Mandarin-challenged can checkout the article on My Paper's website.

For firsthand accounts from the StarTrackers themselves, check out their blog here:
Star Trackers


marine maiden said...

Hmm.... that's sweet. So now sea star has their own name.... o.O
I want to read the full paper article tough. :p

boonleong said...

No issues with your Chinese, but you spelt "issueing" wrongly ;)

juanicths said...

Correct what! UK spelling mah....