Thursday, 7 October 2004

Back to normal...more or less

After the seeing the tuina sinseh yesterday, feel so much better... can walk more normally too! The sinseh basically just re-alined my nerves and ligaments... massage treatment... sorta... shld be back in school tmr I guess.... the sinseh was pretty amazing... he cld tell how I fell just by looking at which bones/ligaments were outta place... even on my left ankle that I sprained quite a few years back!
Must remember to thank some people for helping me on Mon when I sprained me ankle... Jeanette, this girl I did not know who went to get ice and lent me her towel to wrap the ice in, my 2 friends, Wai and Jiafang who helped me hobble to the doc at the uni health and wellness centre ^_^ the docs and nurses at YIH, the sinseh from Kim Seng Tuina Centre in Jurong West (it didn't hurt!!!) plus my family who have been very understanding and accomodating
じゃまた ね! ^^

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Yaohui said...

rest well.