Thursday, 28 October 2004

「たこ焼き」 takoyaki

日本の大阪にあるたこ焼きは有名です。 天気は寒とき、おいしいたこ焼きを食べます。 食べたと、おなかはとても温かくなります。 体も冷たくない。 それから、冬のとき、多い人は食べます。 時間がないとき、たこ焼きはとても便利な食べ物ですね。

こ れは家庭用カセットコンロ用たこ焼き器です。 遠渡 留吉 さんは一番目たこ焼きが作った人です。 始めに、たこ焼きの中に小さい肉とこんにゃくがありま した。 でも、1935年後、材料を変わりました。 今、たこ焼きの中にいろいろな材料があります。 チースでもえびでもたこでもいいです。

大阪の千日前地区にたくさん料理する道具の店があります。 どこもたこ焼きが作る道具は買います。 関西の県だけでたこ焼きはご飯といしょうに食べます。 おもしろいでしょう? ^-^


The above is for my presentation tomorrow in Japanese class.... supposed to be on Japanese culture, and my group decided to do food, so I get to prepare a speech on takoyaki (",) not too sure if I got the kanji for the guy's name and the areas in Japan (Sennichi-mae district in Osaka and Kansai prefecture) correct...oh well, do correct me if it is wrong.... the english version is included below...


The takoyaki from Osaka, Japan is well-known. The tasty takoyaki is eaten during cold weather, causing the stomach to warm up, and the entire body would no longer feel cold. Thus, many people eat takoyaki during winter. Furthermore, it is also very convenient as quick snack.

This is a domestic takoyaki mould . Endo Tomekichi was the first person who made takoyaki. He initially filled the takoyaki balls with small pieces of meat and konnyaku but from 1935 he changed to using pieces of tako (octopus) meat. Nowadays, all kinds of fillings are used in takoyaki. The most common ones are cheese, shrimp / prawn, and octopus.

The Sennichi-mae district of Osaka has a lot of stores that sell cooking equipment / utensils. You can buy takoyaki making utensils from any one of these stores. In the region of Kansai prefecture, takoyaki is eaten together with cooked rice. Now, isn't that interesting? ^-^

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