Sunday, 12 December 2004

Clearing of Junk - Part I

With regards to the heading, I think there's gonna be a part 2 etc as I go about clearing my life of these unwanted influences, and when I proceed to the annual physical packing up of my room...

During YM this morning, there was an oppotunity for us to bring our junk and rubbish that we feel that the Lord is leading us to get rid of from our lives, and I placed some of my stuff there at the altar. You gotta ask me personally what it was that was discarded, I'm not gonna mention here. My heart was just pounding as I placed it in the trash bag but after praying to the Lord and asking Him to give me wisdom and a heart of discernment to know what he wants me to trash and to keep OUT of my life, there was this sense of peace in spite of the heartache that I felt. Following which, the Lord just placed on my heart even more stuff I needed to trash!! The Lord really knows me very well. If I was told at one shot what to trash, I would just start rationalising. I just have this feeling that with every time I trash stuff in a prayerful manner, and I wait and listen to Him, He would just lead and challenge me to trash even more stuff. I think it is important that the bunch of us who brought stuff to trash ( as well as those who have been doing their own personal trashing) need to keep each other in prayer and encouragement, that even as we get rid of these things, we would draw closer to God at the same time, and not get "withdrawal syndromes" that would lead to going back to some of the things that we have taken a stand against. Guys, keep each other in prayer, k?

Just reached home, and as I started chucking *quite* a few books, I really felt the pinch. All the effort I spent saving up the money to buy them. *ouch* SQ now I *really* know what u meant about that "hole" u would feel. Was so tempted to open them and just start reading them one last time before trashing.... knowing that my conviction to trash them would not stand up if I started reading, I just taped the stuff in a Kinokuniya plastic bag. Kinda ironic since I bought quite a bit of them Kinokuniya... sorry Chris, but Shaman King is in there too. (No... not all of it is manga... chinese books are there too...) Another lesson that I think the Lord was also teaching me was that I have to spend money wisely. Our treasure is not of this world, so why spend money on things that you would need to clear out of your life anyway? Especially if it's gonna hurt..... *heartache*

On the issue of anime, I think I would still be watching anime (partly as a form of practising my japanese as well as relaxation) but the Lord definitely wants me to be a whole lot more selective about the anime I watch. Meaning NO more Kannadzuki no Miko for me!!

Lord, please give me the strength and conviction to see this cleaning process through. Not only for me but to the other YMers whom You have also spoken to. Father Lord, I pray that You would continue to fill us with Your Holy Spirit and a loving heart for others, and to teach us to continue obeying You, and to stand firm against things that You have warned us of. Thank you so much Lord!

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