Wednesday, 8 December 2004

F.L.A.P. in Christ

yo~ back from camp =^-^= been a really refereshing experience, and one of the things that really struck me was regarding the state of mainstream music nowadays.... it just seems that pop culture is endorsing themes and ideas that focus on "ME" (part of the new age movement i guess) and wat used to be core and moral values are treated like trash. we watched a short video clip, and there was a section showing how the music industry breaks every single one of the 10 commandments that were given to Moses. i have been observing the fact that music is becoming less wholesome as the days go along (thus i rarely listen to the radio nowadays, except for uFM 100.3 that's soon going, and internet radio such as, but honestly, i never really thought it was THAT bad. the video may have focuesd on American music, but it seems that the chinese / asian music industry is slowly treading those same footsteps. (oh no!!! even less music that i would like!) I made a commitment to the Lord that I'll be more careful about what I listen to, and that would include cleaning up the music I ALREADY have. i have already placed cds (and games) that don't agree with what is said in the Bible, as well as those of artistes that lead a lifestyle that really sicken me. Started the process of deleting mp3s off my computer too, and i think i'll have to start the painstaking process on finding out more about the japanese artistes that i listen too. This ain't gonna be easy but I need to stick to this promise I made to God. Less variety of music to listen to, more work and considerations when I want to buy a new cd... it's gonna be tough but I won't die from showing some restrain, plus that would me less clutter and distractions from focusing on Jesus. Isn't that a great trade-off? *toothy grin* It's a good chance to clear out mental junk that has been accumulating, even as I use the hols to pack up my room too.

Also, I need to be more conscientious about what I read and watch, not to just write anything off as "just a story/show". Things are probably deeper that what first appearances represent, and it's when the subtle influences around us take hold that things can become really dangerous. Really need to be more discerning, with all the many different kinds of influences (many but not all bad) all around us. I even went as far as to delete this really nice wallpaper of Lucifer from Angel nice as the wallpaper was, it's still, well, a wallpaper of Lucifer, and no matter what the context, I am not to endorse satan...clearing my stuff really is gonna be tough... need to rely on Jesus, and do all these through His strength and will that there would be no other idols or things in my life that i would place before Him.

oh yeah, alvin called on the last nite of camp. he's going to thailand for a mission trip from 11th to 20th dec. will definitely keep my kor and his team in prayer. *goes and prints out email*

need to go clear me emails and pack up area in sps....

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