Saturday, 18 December 2004

Finally... LOTR-ROTK extended version!!!

yay!! it's finally out!!! got it on thursday on my way home ^-^ so i'm watching it now!! all 3 movies=12hour marathon since they are all extended versions. pity i can't afford the dvd... would really have loved that... but all i'll be missing would be the behind the scenes extras. ほんとに よかった! the cover's blue, with the picture of the silver tree on the outside casing *hugs* back to watching smeagol and deagol's fishing trip

57 minutes, 04 seconds later...
disc 1 down, 3 more to go... still struck by how peter jackson can jumble up the sequence of events so nicely yet still keep true to the story that j.r.r. tolkien weaved so many years ago... the sequence is soo messed up, shows how good he is as a storyteller himself =^-^= and howard shore's music *sigh* it's a good team alright! reminds me of the when i went to the LOTR exhibition quite some time back and was just gasping at the details and intricacies of all the props. the design team and backstage crew really did a fab job *thumbs up* just think about the scale and detail of minas tirith *swoon*

yet when i compare all this that men (and women) have done to the splendour of this universe, it alll pales in comparison... the the Lord God can come up with something as tiny yet complex as a cell, that can work by itself or in conjunction with milloins or others... that He can at the same time come up with the complexity of the galaxy, the stars, the blackholes and all, and that we as humans are barely scratching the surface of things... i can only stand in awe of His works... totally stunned into amazement. He is really beyond what we can imagine ^-^ thank goodness for that! ('cos i am just so inapt and inadequate as a person)

even as i continue to watch the rest of lord of the rings - the return of the king, i prepare and wait for the return of not only THE King, but the King of Kings

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