Friday, 20 May 2005

Passion AC!!!

Okies.. Upcoming ACJC event... Wld all ACSians reading this blog pls take note? Thanks!! ^^

What? Passion AC
Where? ACJC Auditorium
When? !st July 2005 (Fri), 7.30pm

Hope to see familiars faces there!!

Okie... On to the proper blog entry ^^ I JUST had to put the details up here after getting informed of this! Anyway, silly me just realised that I can actually browse to the original Shonen JUMP mag in Kinokuniya, so I dun really need to depend on fansites to provide low quality photoscans of the latest chapters of stuff like Bleach and Tenipuri!! Down side is that I need to travel down to town, and black fingers due to the newspaper quality toner used in the printing process.... But oh well... Managed to get the VCD of Umizaru *bounces in joy* Now I get to watch it over and over again!! Heehee....

Back after 10 min... Just back from watching the part of the last episode of a chinese variety show, and seeing Mark Lee trying to learn Japanese is simply hilarious!! His intonation is all wrong... Normally the show wld get various celebrities to teach foreigners some chinese, but since this is the last episode, the 2 hosts are required to learn THREE languages (or at least SOME of it), namely Japanese, Thai and Malay ^^ Wanna go watch Bleach 32 now, so また ね!

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Alwyn said...

Praise the Lord! see you there then and God bless you!